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December 14, 2010


The fighting continued as we near Christmas day and Winter break. Many came out to fight it out in the close quart fields of CQB City. Armed with a shotgun and a pistol I myself tried to join in on the action. The video below is filled with all sorts of action even good ol' Chief had to play. Smiles all around as many enjoyed a dry and wet free gameplay (from the weather).

From all of me (MilsimJunkie) and the rest of the CQB City Staff we wish all of you happy holidays and hope that you can give back to someone in need this season.

The Most Notable Weapon of the Day was a H.E.R.A.Arms GCC (Glock Carbine Conversion) using a KSC Glock 18c. Like its famous counterpart the Magpul FPG the carbine kit allows for better groupings and management of the Glock platform.

Happy Holidays
Play Hard, Fight Hard

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Received a message from Magnum HQ and thought I would share this information with all of you:

In the true spirit of Christmas, the team at Magnum USA would like to give back to our Facebook friends as a thank you for “liking” us. Every day starting Dec. 13 until Dec. 25, Magnum USA is giving away gear for the 12 Days of Christmas.
Entering the giveaway is easy. Here’s how:
1. “Like” Magnum Boots USA on Facebook 
2. Change your default profile photo to Magnum’s current Facebook profile picture. 
3. Answer the daily question presented on Magnum’s Facebook page by leaving a comment on the same post. The post(s) with the most “likes” at the end of each day will receive that day’s prize (i.e. 10th Day of Christmas = 10 winners). The more allies one invites to Magnum’s page to like your comment, the better your chances of winning!
An extra bonus – for every Magnum profile picture posted until Christmas Day, Magnum USA will donate to The Salvation Army. Help Magnum help others this season – and help yourself win some cool Magnum gear!

I do not know about any of you but I know I will entering everyday till Christmas =p All this holiday gift giving is inspiring me to do something. Stay Frosty Folks!


Milsim Junkie Review: Magnum Spider 8.1 Urban Boots

For More Information:

Magnum Spider 8.1 Urban

December 07, 2010


Despite the rain and the cold weather around 50+ players came out to engage in some close quarter action. I saw team patches from all over northern California; Alakdan Airsoft, M4H, and South Bay Airsoft.

Solid fighting all around. Players got creative with their strategy in completing objectives. Trying something new CQB City staff blocked off common entries and forced opposing sides to duke it out around the killhouse which made for some pretty exciting shooting.

A good thing to note is that I have covered the camera with some foam. Over the weekend it took two or three direct hits and the foam deflected the BB's!

Most Notable Weapon of the Day airsoft mortar made by a CQB City staff member. The air cannon is designed to launch tennis balls across the city with a kill radius of 20ft. Any person in the mortars point of impact in the immediate area is call dead. It was used by both the insurgent and camo forces to push back enemy lines.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard

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November 30, 2010


The Junkie is back armed with a brand new camera. I used my time off to get out away from behind the lens and back on the field. In the nearly one month stint I rekindled the flame that I called close quarter airsoft. I forgot how much fun it to play as it was to watch and film it. I received more than a share of "battle wounds" all over my upper extremities. During one weekend people that I had gotten chicken pox =x

I want to send a very special thanks to everyone that donated in person at CQB City and over the internet via online donations. You guys showed you true support and raised over $100 dollars towards the purchase of new camera. With that being said I went ahead and purchased another Canon SD1400 with plans to get another camera for some rather epic video shots =) Thanks to everyone that continued to show love on the videos. Despite not having a video up for some time the channel grew, the views kept rising and the subscription surpassed the 2,500 mark. You are all true junkies!

Lets update you guys on a few things. Chief and the gang decided to open up 6 days a month instead of the usual 4 to spread out the amount of players per weekend. This way games would be of a nice size of 60-70 player a day. So now all you junkies have even more chances to come out to CQB City. As you will see in the video below the video scenarios are getting a bit more unique with a bit of more story behind them.

The most notable weapon of the day was a KWA MAC11. Despite being around 30 degree's in the warehouse it did not stop the use of many gas blow back weapons.

Scenario: This one was a player submitted and modified scenario. The premis was that the President (VIP) has been infected with a virus. It is the secret service (CAMO) job to locate the President and locate the antidote (3 Dog Biscuits and a Pepsi). The problem is that the evil corporation (INSURGENTS) that created the virus and the antidote have hidden the President.

Fantastic firefights all over the city this day. I found myself often in the thick of the fighting as I duck and dodged passing BB's. Luckily the "family jewels" didnt get pelted but I am sure that will change soon.

Enough with the chit chat!

Remember to play hard, Fight Hard

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November 02, 2010

Urban Shield Recap (Forcible Entry Equipment & Sniping Demo)

It was an early Friday morning when I received a call from Joey "Chief" Rubio the owner of CQB City. He asked if I could come out to Urban Shield to accompany him and head Global Security Academy (GSA) instructor Davide Giorcelli for vendor/demo day. Davide unveiled his newest offerings to the LE/MIL community; Tactical Ballistic Products (i.e., goggles & glasses). Having used these products on private security details in Afghanistan, and in parts of South America. The anti-fog, and anti-scratch goggles were a hit with many LE/SERT/SWAT members who stopped by the GSA booth that day.

October 12, 2010

CQB City Airsoft October 10, 2010 (TM MP7 TM Glock 17)

With the record numbers we have gotten during the last couple months surely things would die down especially as holiday's near. However, today was not the case as CQB City surpassed its attendance record of 160 players to just over 170+ people in attendance. The field was littered with BB's flying from all directions. As you will eventually see in the video(s) below everything in the BB's pass was obliterated =/

September 28, 2010


Blow back action! It was a fun filled day with a lot of new YOUNGER faces. While it was nice to see kids getting into this sport at a fairly young age I had hoped for a bit more maturity. Regardless of skill level or how much equipment they have I wanted to see solid shooting and from the veteran players I got that. Solid shooting by both camo and insurgent forces although camo had it out for them from the beginning. The first few rounds camo found fairly easy to complete objectives. But as the hours grew on things became a bit grim. A tough firefight for most.

September 14, 2010

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION Sept 12, 2010 (Magpul Masada)

Wait? Are you guys in school yet? We had 100 participants this day and it left me wondering, have the kids left for school yet? Some fantastic shooting all around. It was nice to see some of the Bay Area teams come out to play. Fighting went well for both teams. We've made some minor changes to the field to change up the gameplay. It was nice seeing a lot of new folks enjoying their first fights in airsoft. Some of kid players were teaching their fathers a thing or two about airsoft =)

September 06, 2010


Ahoy! As the end of Summer officially nears players come to CQB City enjoy the last fights of airsoft then their off to hit the books. Upon this day I heard many whisper "MilSimJunkie" and "thats the guy who makes those YouTube videos" please dont be shy and introduce yourself. I was able to talk to a few of you and many have shared very inspirational stories. One father-son duo I spoke to told me that video's like the ones on my YouTube channel inspired them to spend quality time together airsofting. I find it awesome that people can walk from all walks of life and all sorts of experience but yet still find something in common where they can cooperate and work together to achieve an objective.

August 31, 2010

CQB City Airsoft August 29, 2010 (KWA MP9 WE M14 GBB)

Finally! The number of camo uniformed participants outweighed their insurgent counterparts, but was that enough to thwart off enemies? With close to 90 or so players on the field and camo being heavily numbered each side fought hard to hold their positions. Among the crowd some newcomers to the sport decided to step away from the video game screen and play a little live action gameplay. Needless to say the airsoft bug has hit them and hopefully will return to the city soon. My ears rang as simulated reports and thunder b grenades filled the ambient corners of the warehouse that we call CQB City.

Again, Stephen Couratier has graced the cities presents along with his camera and took some pretty amazing shots. Please, feel free to visit his web album for the pictures.

The Most Notable Weapon of the day was the KWA MP9. This subcompact weapon I have eyed since I first heard about it in Shot Show 2010. By all means the MP9 is technically a pistol but because of its folding stock the platform can change to a much more stable subcompact machine gun. I have a feeling I will be seeing more of these onsite!

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard!

MilSimJunkie Extra:

MilSimJunkie - WE M14 GBB (@ CQB City) from Milsim Junkie on Vimeo.

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August 19, 2010

CQB City Airsoft August 15, 2010

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Couratier 

Record numbers as over 150 people came out to play at CQB City. The crowds swarmed the field as BB's flew from all around. It was exciting to see that many people enjoying this sport during the last days of summer.  If numbers hold up Chief is considering extending our hours of operation to include another day. What that means for all of you? Another day to play, and more videos! 

July 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 25, 2010 (Go Prone)

As always close firefights flooded the city. Both camo and insurgent forces went all out as we tried out new scenarios. Combined with our simulated reports, Thunder-B grenades, and new props the task was set out to create a refreshing environment for players. Operators were put in the driver seat of complex scenarios which combined intel gather, objective completion, and role playing made the fighting even more intense. Needless to say players enjoyed being out of the heat and duking it out in the city.
This coming after CQB City was featured on a segment on The Today Show which included Tri-Core International and host Lester Holt going through Covert Ops camp.

July 20, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 17, 2010 (M203 Grenade)

The fighting was dispersed as players fought to gain control of the city. Camo forces again found it tough to get away from the onslaught of BBs from insurgent forces. But found success in speed during "our quick" capture rounds. The outside weather brought in the heat while we kept cool with plenty of drinks, and treats on hand for players to enjoy.

I got a chance to sit down and talk with a few viewers, fans, and fellow YouTubers. It really is nice to hear from you all personally instead from behind a computer screen. Its a sport ment not to be observed but rather enjoyed by doing. Many asked for tips and the biggest piece of advice I could give was; stay passionate. Dont loose sight of why you started to play in the first place. As serious or as crazy as the sport can be at times be passionate in what you do.

July 06, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 3, 2010

Ohh C-Q-B City by the dawns early light...My hopes is that everyone enjoyed celebrating the birth (July 4) of our great nation the United States of America. In the spirit of celebration this day in particular had a little bit more BOOM than usual =) I dont think any of the players minded the smell of spent reports and the ringing in their ears. The day drew in a fair amount of players coming from all over the country. Lately, many of the viewers/readers have been contacting me from far away land many of which have made a trip to CQB City. This day I had the pleasure of meeting another viewer/reader and fellow YouTube'er all the way from Virginia. To check out how they do things out in Virginia by visiting his YouTube Channel @ TheJSVids

June 29, 2010

CQB CITY Airsoft June 27, 2010

Rifles, pistols, grenades, Oh My! In the heat CQB City managed to bring in over 100+ operators to the field this day. In previous weeks the number of camo outweighed the number of insurgent (civilian) forces or vice versa. This week it was surprisingly even enough there was no switching of sides. Despite our large bay doors and industrial fans the temperature was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit combined with all the gear operators body temps easily went above 98 degrees. With water stocked up players were able to keep cool in the sweltering heat.

In all I counted at least 40+ newcomers to CQB CITY that first heard about us through the Milsim Junkie videos. If it was your first time my hopes is that you had fun! Hope to see you soon. Making an appearance was Warmachine who primarily operate out of Davis, California. Its always nice to see people from other fields come out and enjoy a little close quarter time. The first match was won by the insurgent forces as all players acclimated themselves with the layout of the city.

June 15, 2010

CQB City Airsoft June 13, 2010 (Thunder B Grenades)

Mother nature decided to turn up the heat and it brought in over 110+ operators from all over. The city rained of BB's as operators duked it out on the streets. The sound of Thunder B's as well as the defining booms of CQB CITY's simulated reports made the day a lot more intense. Teams from all over Northern California made this the place to be; Doom Crew, TF 75, and M4H just to name a few.

As you will see in the video after the jump fighting was tough for both sides. It's never an easy day for either side with great teamwork, communication, and strategy players can prevail and complete objectives.

June 08, 2010


My ears are still ringing from all the simulated artillery reports that went off this day. With over 100+ players involved it was going to be a fight just to coordinate strategic moves. Lots of fantastic communication going on over the radio. In the video you will hear a bunch of radio chatter as players communicate to complete objectives and as they navigate their way through the city. BB's were again flying in my immediate direction this time it seemed more of them were intentional =) I caught one player using me as a shield as I followed his teammates around.

It are days like this when I see people that really enjoy the sport and have blast at CQB CITY or they rekindle the passion they have for airsoft. I wanna take this brief sentence to again thank you all for your continued support of the Milsim Junkie website and the YouTube channel.

May 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 23, 2010 (Magpul PTS FPG)

The sky cleared up enough and the birds chirped, who am I kidding it was another fantastic day of indoor airsoft =) I had the pleasure of meeting some readers and YouTube channel viewers this day and it make me know that what I was doing was good. I met a paintballer who said that after watching my video's on my old channel got curious into the sport of airsoft and joined in a couple pick up game with friends, he hooked.

May 18, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 15, 2010 (TopTech MP5 HFC Glock 17 GBB G&G GR16 Systema PTW

The one thing about being the cameraman is that you get shot by both sides on the field. Imagine how many times I get hit on a regular basis but now add in the lack of light. Now you can get how many times I get hit during night operations. Everyone got lost in the dark it was hard to make out where shots were ringing out from. Some insurgent forces took refuge in the 2nd story building and held it down most of the scenario. Most of the fighting remained on the perimeter streets of the city while very few ventured out into the close quarters of the killhouse. Some of the most notable weapons of the night was a TopTech MP5 pneumatic blow back and a System PTW MAX.

May 11, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 8, 2010 (WE M4 GBB SIG 556 M16 M14 SCAR)

What a day! Thats the first thing that comes to mind on May 8th's day operation. We had some old faces come back to the city and some new ones from all over northern California. Shooting was tough and fierce and insurgent forces were given a good fight. Contrary to the way previous weeks camo forces pulled it together to complete objectives.

Among my most favorite weapons was a Classic Army SCAR, and WE M4 (ver. 3) w/ real steel Trijicon. All players displayed some solid shooting. I tried to film from different locations this time and opted for at least an overhead view of the city. Simulated reports went off like butter on pancakes and ill admit caught me off guard. Insurgent forces had a tough time rallying together but they fought hard and valiantly. Cant get them all the time!

May 04, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 1, 2010 (SAW M249 GBB KWA Glock 17 TM 1911 Hi-Capa ODST M6C/Socom)

I dont know what I like better the smell of fresh coffee brewed by CQB City staff member, James, or the smell of spent propane emanating from GBB weapons. Either way too much of either is strongly addicting. As we near the summer type weather players are lightening their loadouts and opted for high speed low drag gear. With near another 60+ crowd on the field Chief opted to try a bit more complex scenario's some having at least 5 objectives each relating to the last. With the camera in my hand I attempted to film a bit of POV style video. What I ended up capturing was some solid shooting by myself and those shooting at me. Its a very small glimpse of what its like running around CQB City.

April 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 25, 2010 (WE SCAR GBB S&W CLEAR SPRING SHOTGUN)

On a humid day to play operators came from all over to beat the heat in CQB City's indoor facility. With close to 60+ players in attendance I got lit up more than a "dread-head" on 420. Every week it seems that players gets more and more gutsy as the fighting tightens. Some of my favorite weapons of the day were a Smith & Wesson Hardball (clear M3000 spring shotgun) which is the kind you can find at Walmart, Target, etc. Why? As you will see in the video the operator running around everywhere using its 19rnd magazine to its fullest capacity. Another was a WE GBB SCAR an operator had that I could hear clear across the field during a firefight. Hearing a WE GBB is such an intimidating sound I could not help but fix my camera pointed in its direction.

April 24, 2010

MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway #2

Details: I have been given the opportunity to giveaway a pair of boots that I reviewed in a previous post. The guys at Magnum Boots US headquarters are excited to share their footwear. The reason's why I do these giveaways is to show my appreciation to YOU, my readers, and my viewers for your continued support. I have been presented a awesome opportunity to entertain you with my musings centered around airsoft and you all continue to come back. Thank you!

April 20, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 17, 2010

40+ people came out to a nice night operation at the city for a 20 vs 20 force on force action on Saturday evenings events. I will admit it now that I did a lot more playing than I did filming. Not because I was lazy rather like I have always said; night operations are always difficult to film with my current camera setup. Until I can get some great low light camera I will attempt to film as much as I can during night ops.

I find myself in the thick of the firefight with enemy forces all around me. With the lack of backup from the younger teamates I often was left alone to defend a front bymyself. The first and last couple of scenarios I navigated in the dark often leading me face to face with opposing forces. It never felt so good to shoot with my sidearm as it did during this night op. At some point a rouge player made their way behind our lines. I quickly ran and engaged on the target only to find out the rouge player was other than a fellow CQB CITY staff member. Towards the end of the night total blackout scenarios reigned as lights were turned off and nvg's and tracer unites were turned on. From the little I could see players blindly navigated through the city ran making it for a truly frightening experience. If you have ever stormed into a room during daylight try doing it at night.

April 14, 2010

Magnum Boots US Headquarters Visit

It is very rare that you will find a company so devoted to bringing amongst the best for its overall end consumer. On April 9, 2010 I was given the chance to visit a company devoted to bringing the lightest boot around, at the Magnum Boots/Hi-Tec US headquarters. 

April 13, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 11, 2010 (Gas Blow Back GBB)

The smell of green gas and propane covered the air as many of the players loaded up their magazines. With close to 100 players in attendance it was a great day of indoor gameplay. Players seemed to have come from all over the central valley and bay area amongst the most notable; Blow Back Armory, B.A.T (Bay Area Tactical), and Rebel Scum. Each side of players were very gutsy as shooting engment

I dont think I have seen this many gas blow back weapons ever at the city. Many of the players, some many from Blow Back Armory, had nothing but gbb weapons. It was nice seeing many difference type of gas weapons from; pistols, rifles, and smg's. In the video you will see a lot of the force on force operation most which feature a gbb or recoil based weaponry. I think that everyone will enjoy seeing the fighting and close skirmishes in the video after the jump.

April 05, 2010

Review: Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPI

Boots are an often overlooked portion of a players loadout. There are countless times in which I have seen people play in sneakers, slip-on's, running shoes, basketball shoes, even in flip-flops. Unless your truly trying to mimic a insurgent loadout improper footwear can actually impede in a players performance.

Its true I have played in the forementioned styles of footwear before and I can understand why many overlook this portion of a players gear. However, I can contest that with the right boot players very seldom revert back.

Currently I have two boots that I wear both as an everyday work boot and as an boot for airsoft. One is the Magnum Desert Stealth Force 8.0 and the other is their new Magnum Elite Force 8.0 boot.

March 31, 2010

Magpul FPG Conversion Kits Available Now!

Since the original Magpul blog entry done during the first week of Shot Show 2010 many have awaited it's arrival to retailers. That time has not come just yet but official Magpul PTS conversion kits have shown up on one popular retails site. Ehobbyasia is well known for their selection of products and relatively competitive pricing. It is also the first that I have seen to offer the Magpul PTS Folding Pistol Glock (FPG) for KSC/KWA G18C.

March 29, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 28, 2010 Shotgun Madness

What a beautiful day for airsoft. With spring just around the corner and the pollen in the air made people come out to enjoy a day of shooting. Solid work by both teams as camo remains to struggle to win a full game day. Fierce force on force action was everywhere and I was spared no mercy as BB's flew around me. Thunder B grenades made a uprise today as many players sought to use their C02 fueled frags. I commend those that use them as Thunder B grenades are becoming harder and harder to locate (in-stock).

CQB City is an indoor close quarter facility were fighting is close and the action hurts. It is a field, although we often suggest ways to prevent it, that has gotten teeth knocked out and more than its share of bloodied welts. March 28th's op was no different and I was very surprised by the integrity of some of the younger players.

March 26, 2010

Review: Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 (Desert Tan)

Many people have asked me about what type of boots I use on the field. While there is more than a few different options out there I picked a pair of Magnum Stealth 8.0 boots in desert tan. At the time I was looking for a boot that was sub $100 that I could skirmish with a camo'd and civilian loadout.  Despite the boots 2 lbs weight actual feel is substantially light on an operators feet.

March 22, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 20, 2010

It seems I always get shot the most when I am behind the camera even more so when I have a light attached to it. Night operations are extremely difficult for to film given the indoor conditions. In certain area of the city players are in complete darkness unknowing of enemy positions. Despite wearing a security orange vest the camera and I get lit up more than a few times.

Im working hard at trying to deliver the best of close quarter combat even if it means I gotta get shot a few times.

March 20, 2010

Face Protection: An alternative way to save your teeth

In my YouTube comment's many viewers have asked about face protection. Several videos feature Chief, Bobby, other operators and myself wearing a unique face mask. Is it a gas mask? Is it some expensive airsoft mask? Did you make it? Answer is no, its not what you think.

Its a painting respirator with the canisters removed. Painting respirators are used by painters to filter out the harmful dust, fumes, and vapors from paints.

March 16, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 14, 2010

CQB City has gotten more facelifts within the last few months than Joan River's. The newest additions to the field include a Favela like appearance to the West side of city. Buildings and structures are built with destructed urban feel. During regular gameplay it is now much more difficult to find out where shots ring out. Total 360 awareness is needed by all members of each team without it operator's will be heading to re-spawn. This is not the end of it as week's progress more of the same type of buildings/structures will be added to add to the cities chaos.

March 15, 2010

Magpul Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point (ASAP) on WE GBB

"The ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point allows a range of motion greater than 180 degrees, enabling true ambidextrous weapon manipulation for both left and right handed shooters." -Magpul

Part of Magpul's theory based products the ASAP is design to give the weapon operator more mobility to engage contacts but also to get the weapon in and out of the way should other emergencies arise. With its signature Magpul logo the ASAP is built tough. I know in the video I mention that I believed there was welding on the swivel bar which I found is false as I have discovered the whole piece is made from cast steel. The only piece of welding is on the link ring. There is a considerable amount of weight (although no more than a couple ounces) to this version than its PTS counterpart. I tried putting this on my AEG and while it fit it would not allow both the collapsable stock and ASAP to function properly.

I finally mounted it onto the WE M4 GBB and now I can see why this has to be as sturdy as it is. With the full weight of the weapon with mag there is a considerable amount of stress on the ASAP. It performed flawlessly I could transition to my sidearm more efficiently than before.

Ordered from
Price: $27


  • Solid cast steel plate
  • Durable welding link ring
  • Mil-spec black manganese phosphate finish
  • Works with both mil-spec and commercial-spec carbine receiver extensions

March 09, 2010

Zombie Ammo branded Zombie Targets. For the Zombie Hunter in all of us!

Picture from: LE Targets
Be ready for the next outbreak and practice your shooting skills with these fun and unique targets. Made by Zombie Ammo and available for purchase through LE Targets these targets bring out the Zombie Hunter in each of us.

March 07, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 6, 2010 [WE KAC PDW on Video]

Even more additional changes to the field were unveiled today to a nice number of operators for Saturday's festivities. A lot of small skirmishes going on all over the field from ; Bobby's Pistol Palace, from within the Kill House, the Bank, and shooting from the 2nd floor tower. The sounds of BB's rained down upon everyone who played today.

I will admit we had some issues today mainly delt with communication amongst ourselves and operators but most of it was put aside and refocused back onto the field. Saturday's group had some awesome close quarter footage that I hope I captured. Some shooters were first timers, and some were veterans overall not a bad day for airsoft.

March 01, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 28, 2010

What a day! At first I believed that the day would equal a smaller turnout than we have been having than usual but that all changed as the morning progressed. The city is seeing newer faces more frequently and I had the extreme privilege of meeting some of you; my readers and viewers. I appreciate all the support you have shown and will continue to deliver the very best when it comes to CQB City and my overall musings around airsoft.

If you have ever played along side of the Milsim Junkie you would have already noticed im sporting camo. For the longest time I have opted out of wearing cammies. I decided to bite the bullet and start making my loadouts a lot less PMC (Private Military Company; Mercenary) ish. Yes, I finally got a set of MC and was ready to rock.

February 27, 2010

Junkie Weekend Extra: Operating Rig

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Heres a quick video on my rig setup

Operating Rig:

  • Condor Chest Rig (AEX: Sacramento)
  • Condor Triple Mag Pouch (
  • 2x Fast Mag pouches  (Gen. 2)
  • RH Coyote Glock Serpa w/ Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E platform
  • 6x Midcap MAG Magazines w/ Magpul's
  • 2x CA Hicap Magazines
Rig Notes:
I primarily have set up my rig to my liking. The ease of access to my mag pouches allows me to reload much efficiently than my previous set ups. By having the SERPA holster center mass allows for easy access on my draw. Having it in close proximity of my fire control hand allows me to "punch-out" quickly upon putting aside my primary.

I say dont be afraid to experiment with your rigs. Just dont go copy what other people are doing, do what fits your shooting style

February 26, 2010

Initial Review: KJW M4 GBB Designed By Tanio Koba

Picture from:
Sales Link: KJW M4 GBB

The Tanio Kobayashi designed GBB M4 has been around for some time and in only limited runs. The design was picked up and is now being produced by KJWorks. Tanio Koba has been designing his own masterpieces since 1992 and is considered the grandfather to the Tokyo Marui GBB pistol design. As seen in this video uploaded some years ago the design featured no external gas reservoir as seen in many classic airsoft platforms and operates fairly much like a RS weapon.

A friend ordered this weapon from for $369.99. The packaged arrived early and I grabbed my camera and decided to film the unveil. Before we even shot the rifle he decided to put on his external furniture that he had from his previous GBB build. We found out many things this night about the weapon that I thought I would let my readers know. Note that the KJW M4 GBB has currently 300+ rifles out being used we were surprised to be in possession of a  serial'ed body.

February 22, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 20, 2010

 Night operations are a bit tougher to film for two reasons (1) the facility is dark and (2) people shoot anything with a light on it. Even with the "nightshot" the built-in IR light on the camera is not strong enough to light up no more than 5ft-7ft in front. Apart from the constant oncoming sight of BB's it was  another great turnout @ CQB City. I will admit there were some real safety and carelessness issues that day but nothing that couldn't be resolved.

February 21, 2010

Project Haley Introduction: WE M4 GBB (WE-Tech M4 V2)

I finally got into the world of Gas Guns. Not that long ago did I post a blog entry about WE GBB M4. This is a new project I am undertaking and a new avenue in the sport of airsoft for me. I plan to keep this blog entry continually updated as it is a work in progresses. Consider this a learning project for me as I get this rifle in the state I want. 

WE M4 GBB (A.W.S.S) Version 2

YouTube Videos here
Quick Review here
Picture From

February 08, 2010

MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway #1

[*The Chance to Enter has now Closed. Winner will be announced soon.*]

Last month I did a whole lot of gear hoarding. The other day I received a package and before I opened it I decided to giveaway whatever was inside out to you my readers, and viewers. 

The deadline to enter in this giveaway is: March 8, 2010

All you have to do is three things:

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On the deadline I will at random look at all the comments and pick the winner. I will announce the winner in a follow-up video. Unfortunately, I can only cater to those who are in the continental United States but that doesn't mean I wont ship to you if you so happen to win and are not from the US (case by case).

Tell your friends to watch the video, comment on the video, rate the video, and to subscribe to the video. This is only the start of the giveaway. I intend as the channel grows to hold more giveaway with even bigger prizes.

The products in the video are replicas and are the same products on my own AEG which you might have seen in my videos. I by no means pass them on as genuine.

February 07, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 6, 2010

Drawing one of the largest crowds of participants CQB City hit the 100+ mark. If you were not there Saturday February 6, 2010 you missed out on some solid gameplay.

If you are a regular to the field you will find that the Camo team are usually the one's who complete objectives and work well as a team. However, the Insurgent forces had Camo so backed up to their own spawn it was hard for them to push up. Before lunch Insurgents had won 2-0.

February 03, 2010

Roll it out and Cut the Pie: Locate and Engage from behind cover

In my three years of airsoft I have learned many techniques and applications of engaging a target from behind cover. Most of it was through trial and error and from friends ot people Ive had the pleasure to play alongside of.

Consider this a small breakdown of my experience and by no means a complete guide.

February 02, 2010

Mini Review: Replica Magpul Back Up Sight (MBUS)

With the growing popularity of Magpul PTS products there is also a growing number of copycats. These ACM (clones) can be found on Airsoft Forums, and off shore airsoft retailers. Some of theme are really off and while some like these are close to the real thing.

Mag Well Grip

Whether you using a vertical grip, the hand guard, or even the new angled-fore-grip sometime or another M4 users have used the mag well for a place of support. Recently, I have seen a resurgence of interest in the mag well grips. For the close quarter environment the mag well is often a place for the support hand to allow for quick tight movement. Ive often used the mag well to to tighten my stance when peaking around corners or laying down support.

January 25, 2010

Initial Review: Replica Oakley Gloves

Price: USD $20-36

These replica's are based off their SI Assault (or civilian Pilot) line.


  • Mid-height cuff with secure Velcro strap
  • Mark suede finger surfaces
  • Air mesh vents
  • Knuckle protector

Magpul 2010 Product tentative release dates

I read a post of a rumor that Magpul was coming out with an iPhone case. Now I dont have an iPhone, although it seems that everyone around me does, I thought I was investigate this claim. I began hitting the internet searching for at least pictures of what it might look like.

CQB City Airsoft January 24, 2010

Just got back from another fun day at the field. Today we introduced our second floor perch concept and began playing around with the layout of the field. Sure there were some issues with which side had the upper hand but it was all in good fun and experimentation with the field. I will admit I saw a lot of safety issues but I did address them with the operators and gave them fair warning. I tried to condense most of the video down to 10 minutes. With over an hour worth of video shot it was a daunting task. If you weren't in the video and you were their that day please leave a comment and next time your at the field let me know.

January 23, 2010

Airsoft-Innovations: New Tornado Grenade prototypes

I dont know why I havent seen too much chatter about the Tornado prototypes set to be released this year. If your unfamiliar with Airsoft-Innovations they are the ones who make the Tornado grenade. A spinning grenade that dispenses bb's  or lets out a 120dB sound when the pin is pulled. The sub $100 retail price has made it a popular prop on airsoft fields around the globe.

January 22, 2010

Magpul Products @ Shot Show 2010

Ive long since been a Magpul fanatic since my first genuine Magpul purchase. The quality of their products, the theory, teachings and design behind their products attract more and more users everyday. Currently my primary weapon (G&G GR-16) is equipped with Magpul furniture and more are on order as we speak.
Last years Shot Show introduced to the airsoft community the ASAP (ambidextrous-sling-attachment-point), MS2 Sling, MBUS, BAD Lever, Ready Mag and MOE Hanguard. Soon there were airsoft counter parts hitting stores across the world.

January 20, 2010

CQB City is growing, upward!

CQB City is adding a new dynamic to the field. The city has outgrown its warehouse and is looking UP to expand. With additional plans to do the same to more buildings the view from above adds a whole new element to the city. Future planning of the city will be even closer requiring operatives to switch to sidearms more often and room clear with teammates.

January 19, 2010

Secondary Weapons in the Close Quarter Environment

In the close quarter environment the sidearm is a shooters best friend. A pistol allows the operator to effectively engage any enemy encounter while maintaining mobility throughout tight spaces. Keep in mind this is airsoft while basic firearm rules apply (all guns are loaded, finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot, muzzle control, ensure you know what your shooting and beyond it) some actions can be eliminated from the manual of arms (such as clearing gun jams).

Most people well tell you their sidearm is very accurate even over large distances and some are. Although an average airsoft operators, including myself, have tried engaging a target further than we should. The truth of the matter is that a pistol, shotgun, rubber knife, etc is a close quarter weapon. Keep this in mind when engaging your targets. In these environments it becomes more about putting those bb's on your target -anywhere on your target- rather than a specific location (such as the head, arm, foot).

January 17, 2010

CQB City Airsoft January 16, 2010

Just got back from CQB City night operations and I am glad to say that I spent most of my time filming. I managed to break my Condor 1-Point bungee sling during the first skirmish and I found myself rather uncomfortable with my thigh rigs (pistol holster).
That being said I will now revert back to my HSGI (High Speed Gear Inc) loadout. Ordered a Magpul MS2 sling from "t-tiger" on ASF for a fair price, a new dump pouch from Weapon Blender, and finally Glock Serpa Holster with S.T.R.I.K.E platform from Ebaybanned. Check back on the blog soon for a complete review of my loadout and new accessories. I also ive been getting a lot of comments on my coyote tan Condor Softshell, so I should be filming the review later this week. Ive had it for close to over 2 months and have used it on and off the airsoft field.

January 12, 2010

G&G GR-16: A review 8,000 bb's later

Ive gone through about 8,000 rounds (approx. 2 bags of 4K ct BB's) it is not time for an updated mini-review. Below I answer some question's I got with the first one; FPS? Lipo? Weapon Attachments? all of which get answer in the video.