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October 19, 2011

MilSimJunkie's Day Off: October 16, 2011 (GoPro HD POV KJW 1911)

One of the most frequently asked question's is if I do myself play airsoft. I will gladly refer you to the namesake of this blog and Youtube channel. Yes, of course I do, but with managing time filming and working I found it very difficult to find time to enjoy the sport. One of the reasons I picked up a GoPro Hero HD was so that I could partly film and play. Plus it was nice seeing and reliving the day again as seen through my eyes.

As part of a new way of managing play time and regular "film" time Id like to introduce "MilSimJunkie Day Off" video as a way of killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. It gives me a chance to play a full day of airsoft while still providing something for your eyes to watch. Per the usual video's at the end of the day-off videos I will still film all the antics and gear people bring out to the field.

What was my loadout during my day-off?

Condor Special Operation Compact Molle System plate carrier (coyote)
Chest mounted (1911) Blackhawk Serpa
Condor triple mag pouche
Wiley X CAG-1 Gloves (coyote)
KJW 1911 x 5 mags

A simple loadout for a fun day out on the field. This is not my normal setup and did the job well as I only had a few minutes to grab whatever gear before heading out on the field. I will try to explain on these day-off blog posts the rig and loadout setup if there is anything special I decide to run that day.

Enjoy the video and remember to play hard fight hard.

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October 12, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION OCTOBER 9, 2011 (Pistols, AKs and The Swede)

Chief and MilSimJunkie poses with Richard from Sweden

You will be delighted to know that MilSimJunkie has been working on a lot of side projects all towards benefiting you junkies out there. Airsoft is still a very big part of my life and I want to continue to promote the MilSimJunkie brand and the sport of airsoft. During the month of September I took some time off from filming and blogging to focus on the future and well being of MilSimJunkie.

That being said lets get back to the video's and blogging! The day was filled with great attitudes and all around good fun. CQB CITY has been revamping and doing it fast. It's lobby has been completely remodeled and now includes a parents area complete with couches and a nice tv for watching sports on weekends. Also in the lobby is a re-vamped Gamepod annex to provide all the equipment needs of the players. New to the lobby is the Armor-Up annex which serves the players gear needs and carries everything from holsters, boots, to bags.

CQB CITY continues to amaze me with the amount of people it brings in every weekend. The types of players that come out to range from the most novice to the avid veteran. It was great to see veterans teaching the new guy's how to play the game correctly.

*Video after the jump

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION October 8, 2011 (Vampires, Lycans and Ninjas)

The time came again when MilSimJunkie got invited to another private event at CQB CITY. This time rather than the typical zombie survival scenario the suggestion came out to make things a bit more interesting.

Long story short the plot of the movie Underworld came up and a scenario was developed around the idea's. As you can see in the video it proved to be a new and very unique gametype.

I encourage all of you to experiment with gametypes and not be afraid to try something new. Especially when the Halloween season revolves around getting scared. Overall the scenario worked very well and I looked forward to see how it develops as we continue to experiment with it.

If you have any similar gametypes please do share them as Id like to read about how its played in your area.

Gametype: Survival

Name: Vampires, Lycans and Ninja's (Underworld)


Ninja's (Humans) - Are to find the "silverlight" weapon and detonating it effectively killing Lycans and Vampires

Lycans - Hunt for Vampires and Ninja's

Vampires - Ensure that human's are not able to reach their objective while fending off Lycan's

Ninja's are only armed with sidearms and can engage either Vampires or Lycans. Lycan's hunt and bite its prey and are not able to use a weapon. If shot by either a Vampire or Ninja Lycans must reset their position. Vampires are also able to use a sidearm, however, once shot or light is shined on them must stay in place.

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October 11, 2011

2nd Annual Muddy Maul & Crawl (San Joaquin Delta College Boots to Books)

Post Muddy Maul & Crawl
I caught wind of the event by a friend who whom knew the coordinator, Edna Takahashi. The Muddy Maul & Crawl is a event put forth by San Joaquin Delta Colleges "boots to books" program which aims to aid veterans continue their education after their tour of duty. The mud run consists of 9 "boot-camp" style obstacle's over the span of 2 miles. It took place at local Jessie Grove Winery in Lodi, California.

Starting the day around 0800hrs I met up with the friends Id be running with for the Maul & Crawl. After having a light breakfast we headed to the event grounds to check-in We were greeted by smiles of the volunteers and the smell of BBQ cooking in the background. Also present were local news camera's covering this mornings festivities.

There were close to 150 runners which consisted of men, women, and even children who ran at the end of the day. All active participants went in one of 3 separate waves the third of which was the team run where at least 1 person of the group had to be carried at all times.

I was delighted to see veterans and law enforcement running along side myself. Everyone was very encouraging at all stages of the obstacle course and willing to help each other conquer each portion of the run. The last obstacle was a fridget mud crawl in a pit under some camo netting. At the end of the run we all washed off via a refreshing high pressure firehouse

In all I had a blast and couldn't have done it without the encouragement of friends and fellow runners. It was a great event for a great cause and rest assured that MilSimJunkie will go at it again next year. Id highly recommend anyone interested in participating with me next year or encourage you to participate in a local event near you. There are tons of mud/obstacle runs happening around the world and most of them going towards a good cause. Try it out you never know what your missing out on.

For more information regarding San Joaquin Delta Colleges Muddy Maul & Crawl please visit:

Official press release from San Joaquin Delta College:

For more event pictures (courtesty of please visit:


September 08, 2011

CQB City Airsoft Action September 3, 2011 (Zombie Survival)

MSJ w/ Winner of Desert Locust Goggles by Revision
Another Zombie survival game. This time the game took a nice turn of events. During the hosted private event the storyline went into a new avenue for myself. As you will watch the video some new tactics and thinking had to be considered for the new elements to the game. While the objective was easy to accomplished we soon found out that it was difficult to maintain.

Details on the new gametype and video after the jump...

August 24, 2011

Milsim Junkie Review: American Shooters Range & Store (Las Vegas, Nevada) + Kriss Super V

I recently got invited to go down to Nevada to do some shooting. While I have been to several indoor and outdoor gun ranges before in California the higher level of professionalism in Nevada is out of this world.

A friend, whom works at the Department of Homeland Security, recommended that I check out American Shooters located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike all the tourist traps in Las Vegas this facility was nicely tucked away from the strip. While the range & store has seen its share of tourists the staff is friendly to people from all walks of life.

Speaking with "Von" a worker at the American Shooter store people come with either a ton of experience (i.g., Military, Law Enforcement) to the new shooter with little to no experience. The nice thing about having a range next door, Von told me, is that customers can go shoot the weapon before they make a purchase or go shoot the weapon after they've made their purchase. I had a great conversation with some of the staff and could see that they were committed to deliver excellence customer service. I was surprised (or not surprised really) to also learn that a handful of the employee's were former California residents. It was also very comforting to learn that some of the staff also come from a Military/LE background.

Not to mention their wide-array of product diversity just inside the store. Not only where there many weapon systems available and on display but they had accessories that seemed to go on rack after rack. I found this a great opportunity to pick up a pair of Surefire EP3-M earpro and an HSGI War belt.

August 10, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION AUGUST 6, 2011 (Zombie Survival TM Five Seven Galaxy MP5K KJW 1911)

MilsimJunkie  w/ winner of a pair of Revision Vipertails
You guys have asked for it since the last video. The opportunity came when I was invited to another private Black Scorpion Squad event at CQB CITY. Of course this ment there would be an awesome game of zombie survival. With the new layout and re-vamp of the city it would make for one exciting game of airsoft.

B.S.S has always played their zombie survival with time and weapon constraints. Their rules dictate that once a survivor is infected that individual immediately becomes a zombie. A zombie cannot use lights, or weapon of any kind with the exception of melee weapons. Another limitation of being a zombie is a lack of communication.

August 02, 2011

"Make it Rain" - Like a good Neighbor MilSimJunkie is there

After a great day of airsoft me and a few of the CQB CITY staff and regulars thought it would be funny to film another "Like a good neighbor" video. I had played with the concept of this video since the last but finally found time to film it. Originally the video parody was suppose to only take 30 minutes to film but hanging out with a hilarious proved to be difficult. Behind the scene the guys made faces or improved dialogue making for some funny outtakes. It all it took us 2 hours to shoot this 60 second video. Its cheesy, I know, but we had fun filming it and its funny does that count?

Remember folks "call your hits" and play with the honor and respect that this sport was based upon.

Video after the jump.

July 27, 2011


Time and time again the reason I love this sport and I love doing what I do is because of not only you the read/viewer but also that people that I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet. This weekend was no differenct I was glad to meet a father and son duo from Oregon and a player from Massachusetts. The father-son team drove 11 hours to come and play and meet me in person. I must say I feel honored that they did that even more amazed that a sport like airsoft brings them together like that.

It was a fantastic day to play as airsofter's enjoyed the new layout. The staff at CQB CITY ran some interesting and intense games that I hope the camera captured. In a lot of the YouTube comments more and more of you are liking the mix of POV (point-of-view), PIP (picture-in-picture) and in-game footage. Its a great way for me to capture a lot of the action around the city. As you will see in the video its also a great way to captured different ends of a firefight.

July 25, 2011

MilSim Junkie Review: Revision Asian Locust Goggles

While I love Revision Desert Locusts goggles I did find some flaws in fitment while wearing them. So I picked up Revision's Asian Locust goggle system and I was astonished of how comfortable the goggles were.

The Asian Locust goggles are EXACTLY like the Desert Locust counter-part but in a format that much better suits my Asian profiled face. While wearing the Desert Locust's I experience some gap in the nose-bride are and found it a bit uncomfortable around the cheeks. With the Asian Locusts the gap is virtually gone and now I have a full seal around my eyes providing some fantastic eye protection.

One of the biggest questions I received regarding Revision's eyewear, especially the Desert Locusts, were if they fogged. I am quick to answer both yes and no for the reason that I didn't experience any fogging until about a month after initial usage. Revision has REUSABLE anti-fog wipes that people can purchase to resolve fogging issues. While the fog wipes will not completely fix the fogging issues the fog wipes minimize the chances of fogging will occur. What the fog wipes do is turn the wood-be fog into a thin layer of moisture on the lens. However, my view is NOT obstructed and I am still able to go about my business even with the moisture build up on the lens.

Combine this with the Asian Locust Fan goggles and there is virtually no fogging at all. The fan varient is great as they offer a nice cool breeze on the eyes especially when wearing the goggles for long periods of time. The fan is powered by one battery and has three settings (low, medium, high). I often find myself wearing these on the field especially on hot days were I know fogging may occur.

Another question I often get is "how to wear prescription glasses with the goggles." Revision's solution is on their RX Carrier. You will need to get the RX carrier fulfilled with your prescription by your optometrist but Revision is able to fulfill some prescriptions. The RX carrier is compatible with several other eyewear in Revision's line-up and is easy to install/transfer to your goggles.

July 21, 2011


Chief and the rest of the staff at CQB CITY spent countless hours working to re-vamp the city's layout to further their continued commitment to offer fantastic gameplay. Some of the staff members dedicated some 30+ hours to building new structures moving buildings, and their not even done yet. Along with some of the changes also unveiled a different way of doing briefings and getting people ready for time on the field.

In all peoples were reactions were positive and I am excited to see upcoming developments. I had a chance to see the construction during day one and had the "fortunate" (*rolls eyes*) opportunity to walk the city during a lights out walk. All I can say is that private games are going to be a blast.

July 13, 2011


Many fought to stay cool on and off the field. The heat brang in more than 60 players to the city who duked it out in a fantastic day of airsoft.

In light of my brief hiatus due to camera malfunction I was very hard at work on other task to help the quality of the videos and set in stone some future projects. But more on this stuff at a later date. Stay Frosty.

Despite all the talk about SB 798 and the future of the sport over here in northern California airsoft is stronger than ever. I am seeing many people travel from all over to enjoy the sport, to enjoy California, and overall meet new people. I was fortunate to catch some visitors from HI, and New Jersey.

I am glad to report that the sport is thriving in other parts of the U.S. and from around the world.

Most notable weapon of the day went to John (Ender007) with the brand new WE M4 open bolt rifle from the guys at DogTagAirsoft.

Most notable loadout of the day went to a player named Oscar armed with two MP5K's and a vest full of Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact grenade.

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June 27, 2011

Magnum's new blog "BLDG4801" and the $1000 Giveaway

Magnum Boot's has been a long support of MilSimJunkie and of the growing sport of airsoft over the past year. I was delighted to be given a preview of the blog last week and from what you will see in their blog there is nothing short of awesome.

From what I can tell there will be featured posts from individuals who wear Magnum footwear from everything ranging from professionals and hobbyists alike. It will also be a launching platform for their new lines of gear. Currently, under "Field Reports" reader will get an inside look at some of the hottest gear out from Magnum as well as a preview of Magnums new RD apparel (*want*). If you havent yet go check out the blog and browse around.

Recently, Magnum asked if they could interview me for their blog. Well, how could I say no? Check out the whole article here. I hope it answers some of the questions you reader/viewers have had about the man behind MilSimJunkie.

They are also holding a Magnum giveaway with $1000 of gear! All you guys need to do is subscribe to their blog. For the rest of their contest details. Check out the article here.

If you havent already check out Magnum USA's blog:

June 21, 2011

We are "Greater Than" SB798

"Greater Than SB798"
Today (June 21st 2011) is the State Senate Safety Committee hearing regarding SB 798. As mentioned in a previous entry, on different blogs, and videos alike the bill is a strong step at changing how we play this sport. Responsible enthusiasts alike have banned together to greatly oppose this bill. Many have called in to Assembly members, signed petitions, and have forced many of its young community to take a serious stand against the bill.

At this very moment there are hundreds of people gathered outside our Capitol Building from all over California. There are business owners, manufacturers, enthusiasts, and parents all whom have came to stand "greater than" the bill.

I created the simple and straight forward graphic as a means of helping to spread the word of our sport, and our community. I ask only that you educate yourself concerning the bill and share the graphic and your thoughts of what it means with others.

June 17, 2011

MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway 10K Subscriber Celebration

In light of reaching 10K subscribers (yay!) I have paired up with Revision to offer another giveaway. Revision has come up with three separate prize packages that I think is awesome. That means three lucky individual will have a chance to win:
  • *New* Revision Exoshield Goggles
    • 2 Revision Hats
    • 2 Revision Patches
    • More Info:

May 28, 2011

Did I mention I was on blogged about over at Look at the items I USED to carry one me

Over a couple (four) months ago I submitted an old EDC kitlist picture to If your not familiar with the term EDC stands for Everyday Carry. It is used by many survivalists, LE/MIL, outdoor individuals to signify their everyday preparedness. These items (EDC) can range from pens, wallets, to handguns and weapons.

Some of you have asked me what sorts of things do I carry on me at all times (i.e., my watch, multi-tool, etc). While the above pictures is NOT the most up to date kitlist I hope to spark some interest in some of you that dont currently think in that survival mindset.

Check out the original Tumblr post here.

May 26, 2011

Like a good neighbor... (MilSimjunkie x Rainbow Ops)

Over the last weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a team based out of southern California. You may know them as Rainbow Op or Rainbow for short. Despite the funky little name the guys are very professional and want to share their passion for the sport with everyone else. Both of your YouTube channels started around the same time and we equally have around the same number of viewers. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to network.

While the guys of Rainbow were up here to check out CQB CITY to do their field reviews. I drummed up the idea to do a MilSimJunkie skit. As rough of an idea as it was I thought it would be funny if we filmed it at the city. Thankfully the weather was good despite the previous weekends pouring forecast.  

The guys at Rainbow were extremely helpful in setting up the shots and coming up with some of the on the spot dialogue. It all it took us about 20 minutes to film and about a days worth to edit. I had fun working along side them and learned a lot about the SoCal airsoft community.

This wont be the last time we team up together.

If you have a chance please check out their blog and youtube channel. Let them know that MilSimJunkie sent you.

Until then. Enjoy the video!

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Extra Video:
Check out this video from the guys at Rainbow Ops

May 19, 2011

MilSim Junkie Review: Revision Desert Locust Goggles

I first started wearing Revision after my current spectacles failed to meet my expectations. Mainly, it did not fit as well as I had hoped. After picking up the Revision Sawfly glasses I wanted to know a little bit more about the company. The Desert Locust goggles became the first pair of eye protection I had gotten apart from my very trust Arena Flakjack V.1 goggles.

- High Impact Low Profile Frame
- Interchangeable Lenses
- Adjustable Band
- Rubber seal to ensure proper fittiment
- RX carrier compatible
- ANSI rated lenses
- MILITARY grade

Skirmish Report - Well 4.3 Hi Capa (MilSimJunkie)

As an avid pistol shooter I had some high standards when it came to gbb sidearms. Upon initial un-boxing I was astonished to find a nice looking hi-capa. It had a threaded orange tip which was removable but could be used to attach a silencer. After taking a couple of shots down range I had a better understanding of what WELL was trying to achieve with this pistol

I handed it to a player to review and that is where it began to unfold. As you will find in the attached video the gun performed great but after constant abuse it began to fall apart. Not even after a whole day we experienced some gas issues (i.e., only went through half a mag before gas ran out) and a couple of the mag broke. Granted the magazine broke because they were dropped, however, I expected a butt-plate to survive and accidental fall outside of its holster. The second mag broke at the feeding tip while not un-common it sure a pain to deal with.

Overall its a great ENTRY LEVEL gun or a great LOANER weapon however I would not make it a sidearm that I would depend on.

Additonal Skirmish Report reviews

Other Skirmish Report reviews on the gun:
CrazyNCMan -
Large74 Pt 1. -
Large74 Pt 3. -

- Cost
- Stylish (not bad looking)

- Less than great build quality
- Magazines prone to easy breakage
- Magazine Release button too prominent (problematic for some holsters)

Approx. $65 usd

Where to buy?

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Is it summer yet? I couldn't tell onset the downpour we experienced this weekend. The rain made CQB CITY seem like a save haven from the wet weather. Regardless there were tons of people in attendence that set out to play some interesting games.

A new twist on a classic gametype of CQB CITY the "Demolition" style game pitted two sides with the task of taking out the other teams HQ. An EOD team was set in place for each team and given the duty to be the only one to plant the bomb. However before they could a satchel, yes a satchel, charge must have been found to prime the bomb.

May 05, 2011


*Note: Picture is not my own and is the property of its owner

A number of you have messaged me wanting my take on CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 798. Several other notable California Airsoft Youtubers have begun to make public statements regarding the matter.

For those of you who live outside of the United States or the State of California for that matter there is a bill that may pass regarding of how Airsoft weapon's should be treated.
This bill, if passed, would prohibit "the sale, manufacture, transportation, receipt, or distribution of imitation firearms for commercial purposes" unless "the entire exterior surface of the device is white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple, either singly or as the predominant color in combination with other colors in any pattern, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms, or where the entire device is constructed of transparent or translucent materials which permits unmistakable observation of the device's complete contents, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms." (Vaughan 2011)
This was brought about after an incident in Southern California where an LEO shot and wounded an individual who presented their Airsoft weapon.

My Thoughts
Through comments on Youtube and on the web I know that there are places around the world that have similar restrictions regarding Airsoft weapons. This bill may put a serious damper into the airsoft community if it passes other states may use it as precedence. Meaning other states may follow in California steps and institute similar if not the same restrictions.

California and the west coast is well known for its number of world class retail outlets and a number of sanctioned airsoft fields. Many travel from afar to play this sport because in my opinion California has some of the best venue's around. I want people to enjoy this sport no matter where in the world they are. While my passion for the sport wont die as a result of this it would make me playing this sport very difficult.

Its important to note that we dont put blame on the law enforcement office involved, the individual involved or even Senator De Leon. My belief is that we stop pointing fingers and become pro-active instead of re-active.

Why wait for something like this to re-act to. We as a community must continue to work hard at making this sport safer by practicing and using extreme caution. This sport is fun and accidents do happen it is OUR JOB AS A COMMUNITY to minimize those incidents. Lets make sure that we let NEW and VETERAN players know what good looks like.

This game was built solely on the game of honor and respect for others. It has since been expanded as a valuable training tool for those that serve and protect our country. Let us, the player, be the ones to continue to practice and play this sport in a safe manner.

What can YOU do?
I ask that you take the time to educate yourself with the proposed bill. Below are a selection of links that I have compiled on the bill. Click through them and read up on what exactly SB798 says. Just dont sit back or pray the bill doesn't pass be proactive and let De Leon or your local representative know your feelings on the matter (keep it respectful).

Continue to practice safe airsoft by keeping it out of sight from the general public. We (as an airsoft community) should always keep safety in mind and treat our replica's as actual firearms. That means always use extreme caution, wear the right protective gear, transport your weapons in a safe matter, etc. Let's not give Senators another reason to propose such a bill

April 26, 2011


It is time for another zombie video this time the game is a little more unique. In that there were three forces at play. So technically depending which side you were on you had two opponents. I was placed as a civilian not only did I have zombies to worry about but I also had to fight off C.D.C. members to shoot at. Its a really unique gametype and I look forward seeing the game grow into something much bigger.

Below is some of the details on the gametype.

April 12, 2011


With CQB City now open to 9 times a month (every saturday and sunday) the crowds that came in were a nice size for some awesome combat footage. A lot of the fighting was finding itself on the outsides of the city. It was nice to see players using the barriers, cars, and pallets as cover. Great communication by the insurgent forces during the first half of the day. The other half went to the camo side who fought valorously against the insurgents.

Today's BA of the day went to Tye D. who didn't let his disability hinder him from enjoying the sport he loves. While Tye isn't the first, the only, nor the last player with a disability to grace their present onto the CQB City field however it was his "gun-ho" attitude that landed him as a total badass.

Look forward to more awesome videos this month!

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March 29, 2011


The days events brought out more than 166 players from all over California and afar. Shooting was "hard and fast" from both sides. It was a great day to play and a day to play it was.

During the first quarter of 2011 several new gametypes have been introduced to CQB City. Today, a newly developed (although not the first time played) scenario was put forth.

Scenario - The Juggernaut

Story - A "super soldier" was developed by government team when the soldier went rogue and vowed to kill anyone that went against it. The team of specialist went in seek out a solution to rid the city of the juggernaut while a team of government agent went in seeking to subdue the juggernaut to run more experiments.

March 14, 2011

Magnum's new Spider 8.1 Tac Spec HPi boot

There has been a lot of chatter about this boot since Shot Show 2011 and now it has finally arrived. I received a message from my friends at Magnum and they shared a link with me. All I can say is that the wait has been worth it. The trailer is an awesome overview of some of the features the new Spider 8.1 Tac Spec boots sports.

Key Product Features:
Fast-Rope System with SuperFabric®
Vent-Guard™ Ventilator Technology
on-mask™ Hydrophobic Surface Enhancement Technology

Product Photos:


March 09, 2011


I was left breathless by the end of the day. Sadly it was not because of a young pretty lady wielding a weapon (waiting the day when this happens) but because of all the running I did following players. One individual I managed to follow a few times running around enemy positions flanking and eliminating the opposition.

Another day of solid shooting from all sides. It seems that everyone was out to get up and personal as the amount of shotguns seemed to almost outnumber the number of AEG's or even GBB weapons. It was nice to see that springers did not loose their lust.

March 04, 2011


Tim Daly a made an impromptu appearance to the field to film some extra bit of footage for a segment which later was aired on television. With the reporters amongst the players fighting was fierce on both ends. Players used new barriers and obstacles put forth by the CQB City staff. When asked about some of the new additions to the city one player commented "Oh I love it. Even more places to leap frog my way to the enemy."

Kids and Adults ran around the field getting into position in attempts to complete objectives. Lately two new scenarios; "The Russian" and "Chiefs Last Stand" have received rave reviews by players. This day brought forth another scenario thought up by the brillant minds of CQB City staff members. In a scenario similar to demolition puts opposing forces in the fight to RPG the opposing teams HQ.

After the jump the regularly scheduled video but also the video from the local news segment featured on News10

March 01, 2011


You asked for it and another opportunity arrose to attend an airsoft zombie survival game. The B.S.S hosted "Shoot me through my Heart" event was so popular that the organizers decided to host another game at CQB City before the month ended. In attendance for the night were local teams; Darksteel, TF 75, SWAK, and Banana. The fun filled night included a scenario "Dead Presidents" which entailed teams to protect and escort "the president" around the city.

I digress, on to the zombie game. When the time finally arrose for the zombie scenario everyones nerves were in high gear. The participants were both mixed with veteran and new players to the game making it for an interesting night.

February 23, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION FEBRUARY 20, 2011 (Wii Tactical Carbine Kit)

Tis the day we had a field full of visitors. I met so many people from out of the area (Southern California) and even out of the state (New Mexico). The field was litered with over 130+ who all played at once on a new scenario.

February 14, 2011


I was invited to a private event hosted by Black Scorpion Squad (B.S.S) at CQB City to join in on their Zombie Survival scenario. Now I have participated in a zombie scernario before and I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you the viewers the game from my perspective. If you havent played any type of zombie scenario before consider this a first hand look into the gametypes. Its a fast paced game that keeps you on your toes at any moment. Below is a brief description of what was played in the video below.

February 08, 2011


The wonderful weather brought in a nice sizable crowd to play some fun and exciting scenarios at CQB City.

Most notable weapon of the day was a Snow Wolf M99 sniper rifle. A bit of an overkill for a close quarter field but the shooter was able to get some well placed shots from a distance. A very close runner up is the NEW Roni Glock kits that been showings itself on the field a lot more often.

Video after the jump...

January 19, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION January 15, 2011 (UTG Tri-Shot Shotgun)

With close to 140+ people on the field this day. Fantastic day for shooting an OK day for your GBB weapons. The winter chill has made it fairly rough to get those BB's out of the barrel. Most players brought out their shotguns to duke it out on the city. Solid shooting from both teams. I had wished I only got more footage!

The Most Notable Weapon of the Day was actually a UTG Tri-Shot Shotgun. As the close quarter community grows there are many that are putting down their AEG's and switching to a shotgun as their primary. Nothing says "hello" like three BB's flying at you. A close runner up was Ender007's WE G36 GBB

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January 05, 2011


This day brought out 130+ people which wasn't enough to beat the previous weeks all-time record of 200+ people. Needless to say everyone around the city was ready to bring in the new year with a little airsoft action. The fighting came from all different directions. New and unique weapons begun to show itself on the field as kids of all ages are eager to test their new toys on the field.

Most Notable Weapon of the day was the ICS MILKOR MGL a 6 barreled grenade launcher the thing is a beastly system and an even more intimidating sound. A head nod goes out to the custom build air canon by CQB City's on resident MD Doc. The Howitzer 105 was built as a prop but can launch Nerf Howlers hundres of feet into the air.

I want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you, whom has made 2010 a very memorable year. Thanks for your continued support and as long as you keep watching 2011 will be bigger =)

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