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May 31, 2009

Think and move

Whether this is your first post or the latest post you have read at Mil Sim Junkie I will continue to re-iterate this: assess and progress.

What do you mean? Assess the problem or situation at hand and progress to completing the objective.

In short think quick on your feet and think smart. Ive done my share of stupid things in airsoft; for instance taking point on a corner when I clearly saw a teammate get shot (FYI thats a no-no).

May 18, 2009

Zombies are amongst us!

Short tour around CQB City

During the latest night ops at CQB City we played a Zombie scenario, the last time we played such scenario it was over in minutes. A fellow ref came up with the rules and we had the green light to try it out.

May 12, 2009

Night Operation Observations

Night Operations are probably one of the funnest ways to enjoy the sport of airsoft. Why? Its a different type of game play. IMO (in my opinion) a lot more exhilarating. Not only are players more cautious but players tend to wait for things to happen but you never know what is around the next corner partly because its dark and you cant see. 


The video comes from
B.O.E (Black Ops Elite) captured using the PVS-14. The video displaying night maneuvers in the Utah desert is probably my favorite night op videos to date.

May 10, 2009

G&G Armament

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My triumphant return to CQB City after a brief haitus. I was glad to be back at the field and be back to having some fun. It was a nice day on the field with a small crowd which I predict will grow ten-fold in the months to come.

(The day before Friday, May 8, 2009)
As you all know I received the Extreme-Fire SW-Computer mosfet that I purchased after some problems with a different source. Yet again I had mosfet woes. To add an already exhausting attempt to install a mosfet into my AEG I've finally had it with mosfets in general. After installing the mosfet and wiring the connections, then breaking a motor, and then after this-and-that the darn thing just wouldn't run. So I gave up on it. It was time for me to move on to something better. That's correct, I finally got a quality airsoft rifle (with a budget in mind).

Before the day started I was talking with the at guys Gamepod (on-site annex at CQB City) I finally just went and bought a G&G GR16 Carbine w/ G&G U.B. Mag (ready mag). Now I have touched and used this before and was impressed, and I am still impressed by the airsoft gun itself. After some quick on-site mods (ambidextrous sling mount & metal flash hider) I was off and ready to go. I ran the gun on a 9.6v Powerizer nun-chuck battery. The trigger response was phenomenal and was very impressed by the speed. Using .25g 6mm BB's I was hitting targets (aka camo-team) across the field dead on. It was the first time, in a very long time, that I ran out of mag's. Yes, I do use midcaps ( five 120rnds) but I also went through a 300rnd high-cap on SEMI during 45 minutes of play. Needless to say I was very happy with my purchase and want more. I have already made plans to run Lipo (yes, stock wiring can handle Lipoly) and install the 7inch R.I.S. I have laying from my previous build.

Out of all the blowback (EBB and GBB) rifles that I have had the privilege to field; TopTech M4, TopTech MP5, WE M4, & TM AK47SU I am very impressed by the G&G GR16 Carbine especially its price point. At $150-$190 this is way better than any Sportline.

Ok that's enough on the G&G product placement. Lets move on.

During some point in the day I had the privilege to meet Davide (pronounced dav-id-day) Giorcelli who's Special Forces and training credentials would surely impress any Law Enforcement or Military personal. He's the GSA (Global Security Academy) Director who normally instructors/leads local S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) Teams. He went into further detail of the type of training he can provide for an airsoft enthusiast or individual who is considering joining any type of Law Enforcement, Security, or Military service. Also on the discussion board was outdoor field training to certification personal detail training where after the week long course he would provide job placement. While I cant speak fully on the matter he told me about some security detail he would need for the Oakland Colosseum within a month. I must stress if you are interested in joining any of the above training for airsoft (@ CQB City) or for your own personal benefit please contact David Giorcelli @ or visit

The rest of the day went by relatively smoothly had some returning and new faces to the field as we hope to see them again. Some minor issues but we are still striving to make the field a much better, safer, fun place to place to play airsoft. As usual I had my camera on hand and shot some video. I saw more than a handful of great playing, it was a real tactful bunch. I myself got a body full of BB's while following the camo team (yeah, OUCH!).

Also, as always I have a new player highlight. What I will try to do at every game is pick one player of the bunch and highlight them self and their weapon.

I stayed to help run the private game at CQB City. Yes, that's right you can hold private games at the field. For use for a school function, training, or even birthday parties the field is available for rent. For more details and pricing please visit the website or e-mail us and we will surely get back to you.

Ok, done.