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August 14, 2009

CQB City 7-18-09

Another day on the field. Your's truly shows up in this vid a bit often. Watch at 7:00 minutes as we take over the kill house.

Remember to commit to the maneuver, backup your teammate and move slowly and smoothly

July 13, 2009

CQB City 07-12-09

A nice day at the field a great way to beat the heat. The crowds are filling the field and close quarter combat situations are littering the ground.

June 07, 2009

CQB City 06-06-09

Wasnt able to make it to the game today but I still have footage available.

This is Mike's G&P/WA GBB M4. It seems blow back is showing itself more and more on the field as these new systems become more wallet friendly. What is interesting was Mike was the person to sell me my first AEG at AEX (Sacramento).

After the longs hours of cleaning and sweeping and re-sweeping it only takes a couple of scenario's to litter the field with BB's. Its all good. Again I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the folks that made it out last weekend to help us clean the field. The place would not exist if it were not like players like yourself to devote hours of your time not only to come out to the field to play but also to maintain the field.

For official footage from CQB City you can visit my youtube account @ Illfadedsole MilSimJunkie1 or @ Gravexero. Rate - Comment - Subscribe!

May 31, 2009

Think and move

Whether this is your first post or the latest post you have read at Mil Sim Junkie I will continue to re-iterate this: assess and progress.

What do you mean? Assess the problem or situation at hand and progress to completing the objective.

In short think quick on your feet and think smart. Ive done my share of stupid things in airsoft; for instance taking point on a corner when I clearly saw a teammate get shot (FYI thats a no-no).

May 18, 2009

Zombies are amongst us!

Short tour around CQB City

During the latest night ops at CQB City we played a Zombie scenario, the last time we played such scenario it was over in minutes. A fellow ref came up with the rules and we had the green light to try it out.

May 12, 2009

Night Operation Observations

Night Operations are probably one of the funnest ways to enjoy the sport of airsoft. Why? Its a different type of game play. IMO (in my opinion) a lot more exhilarating. Not only are players more cautious but players tend to wait for things to happen but you never know what is around the next corner partly because its dark and you cant see. 


The video comes from
B.O.E (Black Ops Elite) captured using the PVS-14. The video displaying night maneuvers in the Utah desert is probably my favorite night op videos to date.

May 10, 2009

G&G Armament

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My triumphant return to CQB City after a brief haitus. I was glad to be back at the field and be back to having some fun. It was a nice day on the field with a small crowd which I predict will grow ten-fold in the months to come.

(The day before Friday, May 8, 2009)
As you all know I received the Extreme-Fire SW-Computer mosfet that I purchased after some problems with a different source. Yet again I had mosfet woes. To add an already exhausting attempt to install a mosfet into my AEG I've finally had it with mosfets in general. After installing the mosfet and wiring the connections, then breaking a motor, and then after this-and-that the darn thing just wouldn't run. So I gave up on it. It was time for me to move on to something better. That's correct, I finally got a quality airsoft rifle (with a budget in mind).

Before the day started I was talking with the at guys Gamepod (on-site annex at CQB City) I finally just went and bought a G&G GR16 Carbine w/ G&G U.B. Mag (ready mag). Now I have touched and used this before and was impressed, and I am still impressed by the airsoft gun itself. After some quick on-site mods (ambidextrous sling mount & metal flash hider) I was off and ready to go. I ran the gun on a 9.6v Powerizer nun-chuck battery. The trigger response was phenomenal and was very impressed by the speed. Using .25g 6mm BB's I was hitting targets (aka camo-team) across the field dead on. It was the first time, in a very long time, that I ran out of mag's. Yes, I do use midcaps ( five 120rnds) but I also went through a 300rnd high-cap on SEMI during 45 minutes of play. Needless to say I was very happy with my purchase and want more. I have already made plans to run Lipo (yes, stock wiring can handle Lipoly) and install the 7inch R.I.S. I have laying from my previous build.

Out of all the blowback (EBB and GBB) rifles that I have had the privilege to field; TopTech M4, TopTech MP5, WE M4, & TM AK47SU I am very impressed by the G&G GR16 Carbine especially its price point. At $150-$190 this is way better than any Sportline.

Ok that's enough on the G&G product placement. Lets move on.

During some point in the day I had the privilege to meet Davide (pronounced dav-id-day) Giorcelli who's Special Forces and training credentials would surely impress any Law Enforcement or Military personal. He's the GSA (Global Security Academy) Director who normally instructors/leads local S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) Teams. He went into further detail of the type of training he can provide for an airsoft enthusiast or individual who is considering joining any type of Law Enforcement, Security, or Military service. Also on the discussion board was outdoor field training to certification personal detail training where after the week long course he would provide job placement. While I cant speak fully on the matter he told me about some security detail he would need for the Oakland Colosseum within a month. I must stress if you are interested in joining any of the above training for airsoft (@ CQB City) or for your own personal benefit please contact David Giorcelli @ or visit

The rest of the day went by relatively smoothly had some returning and new faces to the field as we hope to see them again. Some minor issues but we are still striving to make the field a much better, safer, fun place to place to play airsoft. As usual I had my camera on hand and shot some video. I saw more than a handful of great playing, it was a real tactful bunch. I myself got a body full of BB's while following the camo team (yeah, OUCH!).

Also, as always I have a new player highlight. What I will try to do at every game is pick one player of the bunch and highlight them self and their weapon.

I stayed to help run the private game at CQB City. Yes, that's right you can hold private games at the field. For use for a school function, training, or even birthday parties the field is available for rent. For more details and pricing please visit the website or e-mail us and we will surely get back to you.

Ok, done.

April 25, 2009

Room Clearing Observations

This is not going to be a blog post about "how-to room clear" or on "room clearing 101" because basically there are literally thousands of right and wrong ways to enter and clear a room/building. Not only do I not have the time to write such and elaborate in-depth post (who wants to draw the formations and diagrams?), nor do I have enough (formal) experience on the matter, rather I am skipping the plethora of feedback I would get on the things I should/could have written. Yeah, lets not go down that path.

Instead this post will be on my observations on room clearing and how you could implement them to your CQC mindset. Remember, there is a large difference between room clearing in airsoft and military/law enforcement room clearing. Think of it as practical vs. tactical.

Sadly, the fact of the matter is in an airsoft game most of the people you play with are going to play like its a video game. Your not going to have a squad (or team; for you USMC aficionados) of men who not only know what to do but think on the same page. This verbal and non verbal communication that links soldiers in the field is what us airsoft players mostly lack. That is not to say that ALL airsoft players don't have it but rather in a game not everyone going to be in the same page.

April 23, 2009

Scopes, optics, sights -oh my!

Scopes, optics, and sights are probably foremost most sought after external accessory for an airsoft rifle. Why? Quiet honestly I feel that majority of new players feel its a neccesary external mod. With experiance comes knowledge and many find out soon that this is not true.

Now I havent had too much experiance with magnified scopes but if I were to get one Id choose something no > 3x reason being is that at higher power magnification it would become harder to track BB travel. The only a need for a magnified scope is in a DMR or Sniper rifle setup, on much more short barrelled weapons I feel that its a bit over kill.

However, I have grown to love the scope used by Sgt. Colbert (Alexander SkarsgÄrd) in the HBO Mini-Series Generation Kill.

This M4A1 is equipped with an M203 grenade launcher and  AN/PVS-17 scope. Doing some quick searching on the scope I find the retail price of $2k-$6k. If anything Id get a regular Leapers or G&P scope and make a cheap version (non-nvg).

In my experiance with optics I have had the RDS Aimpoint replica's. I went with a standard AMP RDS then to the AMP 30mm railed optic. Both worked fine except for one which kept breaking during gameplay. It became troublesome that I sold the tri-railed version fairly quickly.

So I quickly ditched that and got a hold of an EoTech 551 replica (non-holosight) and I absolutely loved this thing in well light area's. Its downfall was in its illumination strength. During indoor or night games this thing was great, however, during outdoor or area's with lots of light you could not see the reticle. I was able to switch from the green optic during the day to the red variety for the night. The only problem was is there was no protection of its forward lens so it quickly got shot out.

Now I am back to iron sights and I dont know why I left. Sure my target accquisition is not a quick as with the 551 but I feel that I have become such a stronger shooter with the irons. I have learned to zero in faster and better sight alignment wit the target. Its also great that I dont continuely buy batteries.

If I were to do it all over again I think I would have stuck with the iron sights, learned them, used them, get comfortable with them. Then moved on to other forms of optics. There is a reason why people use RBUIS (rear back up iron sight) because if all else fails there always a way to shoot.

The extreme-fire SW-Computer came in today and I was very anxious to put it in. However, with my lack of soldering and gearbox experiance I will hold off on it untill I can get it to a friend who has worked on my AEG before. I am very impressed with its quality and build. I cant wait to get this thing wired in and running better yet I cant wait to get it on the field.

April 20, 2009

CQB CITY 04-19-09

Great turnout. If I didnt know any better it was beginning to feel like summer. More and more people are coming out to play as Spring begins to get a little warmer.

Saw a lot of happy faces at CQB CITY's Sunday OP. The gentleman who attended last game with his kid and friend were back and brought along even more people. Glad to see people are telling their friends about us. From the feedback we are getting @ CQB CITY is that people are coming from all over to play at our field, why? There is no other indoor field like us in Northern California.

A pizza delivery guy came buy to deliver pizza to the large party that attended and he was intrigued by all the guys with gun. I thought it was funny but turns out guy was interested and wanted to play too. I handed him a card and hoped he would return. 

This week's footage was a littl short (despite still being close to 10 minutes) I took more of a business roll this game. Ensuring players were set up, no real engagement issues, an overall customer service approach to the field.

I was glad to get up in the thick of things, some real honest close quarters stuff. Hope too see more as the summer months roll on by:

As always Ill try to make a player highlight every game I ref. This week is Romeo and his A&K M249. Always a favorite of mine the guy is honestly there to have fun and his whole loadout is awesome. If you are ever considering getting an M249 check out the video:

Since this is airsoft related I will go ahead and update you on my the status of my mosfet. So I ordered a AB mosfet from a Airsoft Forum user that I have delt with before. When it arrived (in a small 1st class envelop) it was torn open on the side and mosfet missing. Immediately I e-mailed the guy and under good faith shipped me another one. A few days later a similar envelop arrived and SAME THING. The envelop was slit on its side and mosfet missing. At this point I was furious and I didnt know who to be mad at; the seller or USPS. I filled a claim via e-mail and formal complaint over the phone with the United Stats Postal Investigation Services today. I decided it wasnt the sellers fault as being a small package perhaps a number of things could have gone wrong in transit. So right now it looks like I paid a $20 for an envelop.

So I go searching for a mosfet and I decide to bite my lip and go high-end. It was between or's computerized mosfet. One was based in the US, and the other in Canada. Each was open for user development and each feature high-end mosfets. So why computerized? Better yet, what do you mean computerized? Like a regular AB mosfet there is a FET that will stop the rotation of the motor so your spring is never compressed, it will increase trigger response & ROF, while still deliverying longer trigger life. With the addition of a computer chip things can be controled or simulated. Such as motor speed adjustment to deliver 3-burst or 2-burst shooting, simulated gun jam for RTB (rack-tap-bang), or even muzzle flash.

Ultimately I choose Extreme-Fires SW-Computer mosfet. I felt it was resonably priced and what I wanted in a mosfet plus an added bonus of playing around with settings with a totally programmable chip. Meaining that I can replace the chip onboard my mosfet unit for custom settings like semi-only, 2burst only, etc. In addition I can run all the wiring without a fuse, even if I choose to go Li-poly some day. As we speak it is being built to order and should receive it within the week. I am excited, I hope there are no problems with this package otherwise I will be pretty pissed off. Once wired up and operational I will update you all with it.

April 09, 2009

Mosfet woes...

So whats a mosfet? Think of it as an electronic gate between the trigger and the motor. Its there so that the trigger doesnt dump un-regulated power directly to the motor. What does that mean? Its more efficient, increases your rate of fire (ROF), and increases trigger response.

Some mosfets like the one above include active breaking (AB) which means that it will always do a full rotation of the gears so that your spring is never compressed when off the trigger. Why is this good? Increases the life of your spring so you don't loose FPS no more half trigger press. More advanced mosfets like the ones from Extreme Fire feature a electronic controller which allow for a 3-burst setting.

Long story short, trust me its long, I found my mosfet went bad.

There are great quality mosfets and poor mosfets. The mosfet that I bought from a company that will remain nameless (*AHEM* HHAIRSOFT *AHEM*) apparently could not handle the energy from an Airsoft gun. Probably why they provide a thermal resettable fuses as an option when you buy a mosfet. I sourced another mosfet, hopefully a better build quality, and awaiting its arrival for me to install. Do not get my wrong I have nothing bad to say about the company its a great mosfet wish I got the resettable fuse to save me another purchase.

I also switched over to Deans connectors because of lower resistance.

Moral of the story? You know the inline fuse to the positive battery connection on a store bought AEG? Yeah dont remove that. If I had kept that I would be buying a fuse rather than a whole other mosfet.

April 06, 2009

CQB CITY 04-04-09

Sorry for the belated post once again. Had to restore the comp due to a computer failure (virus). Anyway its back 100% and got a chance to edit the video. For this one I used Vegas Video and Virtualdub together. During recording I used a Dynex monopod as a counter-weight for a makeshift steady cam rig.

The day game was a another success. No real major foul ups or arguments. Everything went by smooth. Got some great footage of "Us Forces" (camo) and the "Insurgent Forces" (non-camo) players.

No POV footage in this video as I tried to focus more on the players than myself. I had more than 2hrs worth of USABLE footage and had to compress that down to 10 minutes.

So I added some bonus footage:

Ill try to make this a per game basis. What I will do is interview a player at the game to display they weapon. This is Oscar not only is he a player at CQB CITY but a customer of mine at the big box retailer. This is a metal RPK-74, has a guarder wood kit and shoots fairly well:

Thats all for now.

April 02, 2009


What: JG MP5 SD6
Asking: SOLD
Condition: Fair


April 01, 2009


What: Y&P USP NBB w/ magazine
Extras: OD MILFORCE LH drop-leg
Asking: $45 shipped

About - What we have hear is a very nice NBB USP. Great for the novice or the more avid airsoft player. The slide and frame are both plastic (painted slide). There is a safety and slide catch but both are there for show. Since the slide is static and does not move the slide catch is primarily there to hold the slide in place. 

March 31, 2009

CQB CITY 3-28-2009

Sorry for the belated post but its finally up. So the Saturday game was my first as a staff member and I would have to say I am glad I join on board with Joey aka Chief. As much as it was my first day on the job it felt very much like the first time playing airsoft. Hard to believe a year has lapsed since first setting foot onto the very same concrete floor. Franklin, I owe a lot of my passion for the sport to you for introducing me to it so long ago and going with me to that very first game. Overall the day went smooth and with very little mishaps.

The meat of my footage was when I ref'ed for one of the scenario's. I still need to workout a better camera position for a POV style but that is all in time.

I am looking forward to more Ops and hope to continue to grow as a member of the team.

March 22, 2009

Night Ops @ CQB City [3/21/2009]

"If you show up on time, your late, if you show up 15 minutes early your on time, and if you show up 30 minutes before your early" -anonymous

As usual I show up to CQB City early 2:30pm and decide to take a little video tour of the city. On my way back to the staging area I find Chief and staff walking to the other end. "We are moving buildings" Chief exclaims. So I join in and before you know it we are doing a quick once over before the night begins.

By far the best night op I have been to at any local field. Why? There were only about 30 players on the field and for a CQB field less than 50 is a great size.

The night was filled with tracer rounds, close engagements and some solid teamwork. It was a blast in the kill house rockin' and surprising opposing forces as they tried to infiltrate our positions. By the end of the night we had them so backed up into their own spawn area (headquarters) we were picking them off left and right. 

During my time in the kill house I found I was only 1 of 2 individuals in the whole house. Considering that the opposing side has an entrance closer to their position it was an intense 10 minutes. Me and a teammate, armed with a nice SL8, were picking off the other side as they advanced towards at twelve and three o'clock positions. It was only a matter of time until they got smart and started to come into the house but I had that covered.

Showing up late as usual (because they live in Hayward) was Donny and his son Dominic. I always enjoy teaming up with them because they play smart and fast. During one scenario we came up to a cluster of opposing forces so fast they didn't see us coming, mowed at least half of them down before getting hit out.

Before the night was over I ended up buying an HFC M190 full metal full auto M9 with rail and three mags. I think I got my M9 bug back and that is why my TM Tac Master is no longer for sale.

March 20, 2009

Night Ops checklist

Ill be participating in a night OP @ the city. As an avid hobbyist airsoft player I think its a good rule of thumb to have a pre-game ritual. This is the time where you check double check your equipment before the day of. Why? Makes sure you dont travel to a game and have something fail on you and your left watching people play or asking for a hand out.

This is my usual base checklist everyting else builds upon this:
  • Check Tac Light [batteries/brightness]
  • Check Laser [batteries/pressure switch/alignment 50ft]
  • Check Main [proper feed/hop-up/lubed]
  • Check Secondary [recoil/mag leaks/proper feed/hop-up 15ft]
  • Check Vest [fit/pouches]
Its always a good rule of thumb also to bring enough things with you just in case you need a quick fix. I usually bring my multi-tool [Leatherman Juice S2], duct tape, electrical tape, & folding allen key [Spin Doctor; for bicycles]. I have used all of them on occasion to help out a fellow player, fix broken or falling pieces, or have used a combination of them for improvised tools. I keep things relatively small, why? I dont wanna carry my whole Airsoft outlet with me. Usually after a game I feel worn out and the last thing I wanna do is bring all the stuff in.

Today I did a little maintenance on my G17

Its a HFC Glock 17 or now commonly referred to as the HFC DarkHawk. But up until today I had a KJW barrel in it. I reverted back to the original HFC barrel and spring and did some Teflon modding. Taking from the Teflon mod's they do on clone spring sniper riffles I wrapped the barrel and hop-up bucking in Teflon tape. Wow. I was rather impressed with the distance and float of the BB. At 20 yrds out it floats nice flat float and a slight curve at the end. Thats how I like it. Each shooter has a preference.

Tomorrow morning I will zero in my weapon to a little closer than usual is that at night games people want to remain planted in their spots. However, when I play I try to zero in on their position thus having closer targets. Hopefully this will work out.


I like how this guy takes straight from the Magpul Dynamics video.
Apart from great discipline there would be no need to check for a stove pipe or double feed on a GBB Airsoft rifle.

Went over to a friends house to pick up my MP5 I let him borrow. He needed a secondary-primary (weird right?) because he has yet to have received his GBB M4 mags before a OP @ CQB City.

While I was visiting I was able to shoot a couple rounds really play with the WE M4 GBB (version 2). This thing is very solid looking. Metal were its suppose to be and plastic the rest (hand guard and stock. Other than the wobble in the stock this gun is very solid. The front post iron is all metal and is just like an actual AR. The mags hold 30 rnds and enough gas to last two BB fills (60rnds total).

What I liked the most was the working mechanics of the rifle. It functions just like an actual AR. When there are no more BBS in the mag the bolt catch works. As you insert a new mag you have to press the bolt catch to move the bolt forward. Even a working forward assist when the spring is compressed. To clear jams you can Rack-Tap-Bang (S.P.O.R.T) as demonstrated in the above videos. Semi is very controled and manageable. On full auto its just like any GBB pistol somewhat slugish (compared to an AEG).

This version 2 chronos at a nice 320 fps. Perfect for fields that require <400 fps rifles.

Overall I am SOLD on the GBB M4. The only drawback is of course the mags @ $40-$50 a pop they would become rather expensive.

March 18, 2009

Classic Army M15A4 Auto Blowback System (ABS)

The next generation of AEG's are slowly rolling out. With likes of G&G, Tokyo Marui, and now Classic Army jumping on the blow back wave.

Classic Army's M4 does seem to be pretty nice compared to a TopTech blow-back. Features a locking bolt, bolt that does cycle, & working bolt catch.

I did have a privilege to DEMO a G&G Top Tech blowback about a month ago when they first rolled out and I did like that. But as the video below shows (from Spartan Imports) maybe I have something better to look forward to.

March 16, 2009

MBUS Available @ EHobbyAsia

Made of polymer material (same as Magpul PMAGS) these Magpul Back-Up-Sights (MBUS) offer a real nice flip-up sight. With release buttons on its side and top it makes for a real nice sight for when your optics or position require you to go to irons. The sight requires an adjustment key to adjust the front post. These sights fit standard 20mm rails. They retail for $89.99 as seen on

Having sold my replica 552 and RDS I have been using my iron (with great results). So this may be in my future external purchases.

Still have no idea what I am talking about? Check out Christ Costa @ the Magpul booth at SHOT Show 2009 demo its real steel counter-part (although still made out of polymer) the PTS MBUS:

Softshell! Softshell! Softshell!

If you know me lately I have been wearing a non-tactical softshell around. Having doubts of spending the money on a tactical softshell? I do recommend that you invest in some regular softshells in particular one made by Snozu. 

Found it at a local discount clotching store (Marshalls) for $29.99 Ive been wearing it ever since even on relatively warmer days. It lacks pockets, pockets, pockets, & pockets but I can make by. However, if you are looking into a TACTICAL line without busting the wallet or going for a clone (Ebaybanned) I strongly would invest in a Triple Aught Design (TAD) Gear softshell. 

Anyone of their signature softshells should suffice for you. I have personally seen these in person and have a couple of friends with them. They have nothing but great things to say of them. One of my friends uses it religiously even at work getting dirty and regular use. It still maintains its shape and the stiching has really stood the abuse. Heres a short review from Modesto Airsoft BATStrider (Bay Area Tactical TV):

March 11, 2009

Art of the Tactical Carbine - Magpul Dynamics

Title: The Art of the Tactical Carbine

Price: $39.95

Disk 1: Magpul Basic Carbine Course
Disk 2: Magpul Advanced Carbine Course
Disk 3: Reference

Finally, I had a chance to get through the whole set. All I can say really is WOW. Coming from an airsoft perspective (no formal real steel training) I can see this as one big reference. It really is something that I will look back on over and over again. The instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley do a wonderful job at breaking down the essentials and basics and re-build them to fit the shooter. This DVD collection should be used as a way of establishing some ground rules and basics for the operator to build upon.

As an airsofter I find it very helpful in pointing out drills and basic rifle management. One section that got me rewinding over and over again was on the types of reloads. Why is this important? Basically better manage your magazines the faster and less steps you take off whoever your engaging. Both Chris and Travis go over equipment placement and how a better set-ups can shave seconds (and essentially save lives) on the field. For an airsoft player most of the time we put pouches on our molle webbing without ever thinking about the practically. Efficiency not fluidity is what they stress. They want to make sure that the operator stays in control of the moment and wants to ensure that the shooter has to do the least amount of work to put a mag in. Ive seen some players place them on the back of their plate carriers (wtf?) and to be honest I think on my next (airsoft) gear purchase I will put defenietly consider its placement.

Heres a video that you WONT find on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter. Its a special section on "Drawing the Secondary" on the 3rd disk. All of the rights go to Magpul Dynamic and I am solely putting it on the page for education and reference for the dvd.

March 09, 2009

Drills (USMC)

Real Steel here. Here a Marine demonstrates shooting drills and a tactical reload:

March 06, 2009

Green Mountain Rangers

Most enthusiasts are probably familiar with members of GMR (Green Mountain Rangers) especially those who participate in the Op: Irene games.

This is one of my favorite helmet cam videos. Why? Simply because it shows the intensity of the sport. Granted all tactics and training were thrown out the window during some of the gameplay but that just shows -one can imagine- the true emotion of combat. Things get close, things get disorienting, things get out of hand but you want to make sure the steps your taking are the right ones.

March 04, 2009

CQB City - Stockton, Ca

Received an email from Chief (Joey) the host and owner of CQB City in Stockton, Ca. Apparently @ the end of March 2009 they will begin team competitions. They will be semi-private as they will follow a normal public game. Essentially it will be 2 teams of no more less than 4 and no more than 8 against each other in the city. They will be scenario based so no capture the flag (CTF) or domination type games. Implementing designated rolls such as medic and sniper will add to the milsim realism of the competition. Each teamate is limited to 1000 rounds or 10 midcaps per game. So they must choose their shots wisely. The teams will need follow some essential prerequisites to participate in these competitions. They are as follows:

  • Coordinate CAMO for all team members (must bring alternate set)
  • Coomuncations for every team members ( walkies, headsets, etc)
  • Each memeber must have an AEG and sidearm w/ multiple midcaps
If your are interested please e-mail chief by visiting the CQB City website. Each of the winning team members will be granted 12 free games to the city. The cost of normal play at the city is $35 so thats a savings of $420.

For more information on the field visit the website or search YouTube for videos.

Below is a video of the refs (Matt, Joey, and Chief) @ the city. If your interested in videos from the city on a regular basis visit the YouTube channel of one of its refs: Gravexero

US Airsoft - Halmstad, Sweden

One of the channels on YouTube I have been following is that of BadASszZ. With a great POV style we see first hand how indoor CQB airsoft is played. The UnrealCity field (commonly referred to as US Airsoft) is located in Halmstad, Sweden. The 2500 sq/m field has 10 buildings two of them with a 2nd floor. 

BadAsszZ, I dont know what your real name is but I have to say is that I am enjoying your game footage. Looking forward to more. Check out the video by visiting his YouTube channel.

Check out how quick and silent these guys play:

Weapon: TM MK23

Heres some promotional video for US Airsoft