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July 27, 2011


Time and time again the reason I love this sport and I love doing what I do is because of not only you the read/viewer but also that people that I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet. This weekend was no differenct I was glad to meet a father and son duo from Oregon and a player from Massachusetts. The father-son team drove 11 hours to come and play and meet me in person. I must say I feel honored that they did that even more amazed that a sport like airsoft brings them together like that.

It was a fantastic day to play as airsofter's enjoyed the new layout. The staff at CQB CITY ran some interesting and intense games that I hope the camera captured. In a lot of the YouTube comments more and more of you are liking the mix of POV (point-of-view), PIP (picture-in-picture) and in-game footage. Its a great way for me to capture a lot of the action around the city. As you will see in the video its also a great way to captured different ends of a firefight.

July 25, 2011

MilSim Junkie Review: Revision Asian Locust Goggles

While I love Revision Desert Locusts goggles I did find some flaws in fitment while wearing them. So I picked up Revision's Asian Locust goggle system and I was astonished of how comfortable the goggles were.

The Asian Locust goggles are EXACTLY like the Desert Locust counter-part but in a format that much better suits my Asian profiled face. While wearing the Desert Locust's I experience some gap in the nose-bride are and found it a bit uncomfortable around the cheeks. With the Asian Locusts the gap is virtually gone and now I have a full seal around my eyes providing some fantastic eye protection.

One of the biggest questions I received regarding Revision's eyewear, especially the Desert Locusts, were if they fogged. I am quick to answer both yes and no for the reason that I didn't experience any fogging until about a month after initial usage. Revision has REUSABLE anti-fog wipes that people can purchase to resolve fogging issues. While the fog wipes will not completely fix the fogging issues the fog wipes minimize the chances of fogging will occur. What the fog wipes do is turn the wood-be fog into a thin layer of moisture on the lens. However, my view is NOT obstructed and I am still able to go about my business even with the moisture build up on the lens.

Combine this with the Asian Locust Fan goggles and there is virtually no fogging at all. The fan varient is great as they offer a nice cool breeze on the eyes especially when wearing the goggles for long periods of time. The fan is powered by one battery and has three settings (low, medium, high). I often find myself wearing these on the field especially on hot days were I know fogging may occur.

Another question I often get is "how to wear prescription glasses with the goggles." Revision's solution is on their RX Carrier. You will need to get the RX carrier fulfilled with your prescription by your optometrist but Revision is able to fulfill some prescriptions. The RX carrier is compatible with several other eyewear in Revision's line-up and is easy to install/transfer to your goggles.

July 21, 2011


Chief and the rest of the staff at CQB CITY spent countless hours working to re-vamp the city's layout to further their continued commitment to offer fantastic gameplay. Some of the staff members dedicated some 30+ hours to building new structures moving buildings, and their not even done yet. Along with some of the changes also unveiled a different way of doing briefings and getting people ready for time on the field.

In all peoples were reactions were positive and I am excited to see upcoming developments. I had a chance to see the construction during day one and had the "fortunate" (*rolls eyes*) opportunity to walk the city during a lights out walk. All I can say is that private games are going to be a blast.

July 13, 2011


Many fought to stay cool on and off the field. The heat brang in more than 60 players to the city who duked it out in a fantastic day of airsoft.

In light of my brief hiatus due to camera malfunction I was very hard at work on other task to help the quality of the videos and set in stone some future projects. But more on this stuff at a later date. Stay Frosty.

Despite all the talk about SB 798 and the future of the sport over here in northern California airsoft is stronger than ever. I am seeing many people travel from all over to enjoy the sport, to enjoy California, and overall meet new people. I was fortunate to catch some visitors from HI, and New Jersey.

I am glad to report that the sport is thriving in other parts of the U.S. and from around the world.

Most notable weapon of the day went to John (Ender007) with the brand new WE M4 open bolt rifle from the guys at DogTagAirsoft.

Most notable loadout of the day went to a player named Oscar armed with two MP5K's and a vest full of Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact grenade.

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