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May 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 23, 2010 (Magpul PTS FPG)

The sky cleared up enough and the birds chirped, who am I kidding it was another fantastic day of indoor airsoft =) I had the pleasure of meeting some readers and YouTube channel viewers this day and it make me know that what I was doing was good. I met a paintballer who said that after watching my video's on my old channel got curious into the sport of airsoft and joined in a couple pick up game with friends, he hooked.

May 18, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 15, 2010 (TopTech MP5 HFC Glock 17 GBB G&G GR16 Systema PTW

The one thing about being the cameraman is that you get shot by both sides on the field. Imagine how many times I get hit on a regular basis but now add in the lack of light. Now you can get how many times I get hit during night operations. Everyone got lost in the dark it was hard to make out where shots were ringing out from. Some insurgent forces took refuge in the 2nd story building and held it down most of the scenario. Most of the fighting remained on the perimeter streets of the city while very few ventured out into the close quarters of the killhouse. Some of the most notable weapons of the night was a TopTech MP5 pneumatic blow back and a System PTW MAX.

May 11, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 8, 2010 (WE M4 GBB SIG 556 M16 M14 SCAR)

What a day! Thats the first thing that comes to mind on May 8th's day operation. We had some old faces come back to the city and some new ones from all over northern California. Shooting was tough and fierce and insurgent forces were given a good fight. Contrary to the way previous weeks camo forces pulled it together to complete objectives.

Among my most favorite weapons was a Classic Army SCAR, and WE M4 (ver. 3) w/ real steel Trijicon. All players displayed some solid shooting. I tried to film from different locations this time and opted for at least an overhead view of the city. Simulated reports went off like butter on pancakes and ill admit caught me off guard. Insurgent forces had a tough time rallying together but they fought hard and valiantly. Cant get them all the time!

May 04, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 1, 2010 (SAW M249 GBB KWA Glock 17 TM 1911 Hi-Capa ODST M6C/Socom)

I dont know what I like better the smell of fresh coffee brewed by CQB City staff member, James, or the smell of spent propane emanating from GBB weapons. Either way too much of either is strongly addicting. As we near the summer type weather players are lightening their loadouts and opted for high speed low drag gear. With near another 60+ crowd on the field Chief opted to try a bit more complex scenario's some having at least 5 objectives each relating to the last. With the camera in my hand I attempted to film a bit of POV style video. What I ended up capturing was some solid shooting by myself and those shooting at me. Its a very small glimpse of what its like running around CQB City.