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May 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 23, 2010 (Magpul PTS FPG)

The sky cleared up enough and the birds chirped, who am I kidding it was another fantastic day of indoor airsoft =) I had the pleasure of meeting some readers and YouTube channel viewers this day and it make me know that what I was doing was good. I met a paintballer who said that after watching my video's on my old channel got curious into the sport of airsoft and joined in a couple pick up game with friends, he hooked.

Among the most popular weapons that was a Magpul PTS FPG, a.k.a the "Glock-In-A-Box," the KJW M4 GBB, and the WE SCAR GBB. New gas blow back toys have been showing themselves a lot more frequently. Its wonderful to see players wanting more out of their usual airsoft experience opting for these much more realistic (in operation) weapons.
Magpul PTS FPG

Jonathan was back with a new toy. You can visit his YouTube channel here. There you will find POV footage of the days festivities. A little modification to his KSC/KWA Glock 18C slide to fit the FPG housing. He also notes that the selector switch is a big pain to install. I did find him on the field often playing with the extended Glock magazine he had, at times it would not sit or lock correctly.


Fighting was tough and either side did not let up. Camo team pushed hard to enemy positions while Insurgent forces were very sneaky in their attack. Some insurgent forces got creative creating "C-Fo" devices out of a manila folder and duck tape. The same individual created "semtex" frag's although it lacked in being anything but sticky. During the end of the day we allowed for a 13 vs ALL campaign which allowed both sides to go on full auto. I found myself in the thick of it all getting pelting than my fair share of fight. In all I had a very good day, smiles all around, force on force was good and the weather held up.

Remember to Fight Hard, Play Hard.

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