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May 04, 2010

CQB City Airsoft May 1, 2010 (SAW M249 GBB KWA Glock 17 TM 1911 Hi-Capa ODST M6C/Socom)

I dont know what I like better the smell of fresh coffee brewed by CQB City staff member, James, or the smell of spent propane emanating from GBB weapons. Either way too much of either is strongly addicting. As we near the summer type weather players are lightening their loadouts and opted for high speed low drag gear. With near another 60+ crowd on the field Chief opted to try a bit more complex scenario's some having at least 5 objectives each relating to the last. With the camera in my hand I attempted to film a bit of POV style video. What I ended up capturing was some solid shooting by myself and those shooting at me. Its a very small glimpse of what its like running around CQB City.

For the first time I felt the rath of close force and force combat as blood drew from a wound on my scalp. My arms were welted up and my chess looking like a checker board. While some may take this as to many close shots I like to think of it as "I stuck out too long to get shoot up."

I saw many new faces to the field and my hopes is that each of them had fun and hope to see them soon. Smiles all around at the end of the day from both sides.

"Are you Milsim Junkie?" One kid asked me during a small firefight with enemies. It leads me to believe that many of you are reading and watching the blog/channel and recognizing me on the field. I appreciate each and everyone of you that watch and leave comments.

A few matches we played pistols only which may at first were hesitant. By the end of the match they were asking for more. Much slower as you have fewer rounds players got closer and closer to each other. During this match a saw a unique and very interesting weapon that any gamer would appreciate. Inspired from the Halo ODST series Jonathan mocked up his favorite pistol from the game for airsoft.

Halo ODST M6C/Socom
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Owner/Creator: Jonathan "Ender 007" (visit his YouTube Channel)
Origin: Halo ODST
Base Weapon: TM 4.3 Hi Capa
It was made in a 3D modeling printer which melts and layers pieces of plastic. Jonathan was able to model out the M6C/Socom in CAD and then print out the result in a 3D printer. It fits any railed 1911 variant. He carries at least three mags for it on his person. Just in case your wondering, the flashlight is non-functional.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard

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Stephen said...

Hey man. Sent the link to a few people that don't play airsoft (and so they could see why I don't answer my calls on the weekends). Got the same comment over and over: "I love the first person shots". Hope that helps! See this sat =).

Anonymous said...

Flanker: Im gonna be back this month Arwin!!!

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