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May 28, 2011

Did I mention I was on blogged about over at Look at the items I USED to carry one me

Over a couple (four) months ago I submitted an old EDC kitlist picture to If your not familiar with the term EDC stands for Everyday Carry. It is used by many survivalists, LE/MIL, outdoor individuals to signify their everyday preparedness. These items (EDC) can range from pens, wallets, to handguns and weapons.

Some of you have asked me what sorts of things do I carry on me at all times (i.e., my watch, multi-tool, etc). While the above pictures is NOT the most up to date kitlist I hope to spark some interest in some of you that dont currently think in that survival mindset.

Check out the original Tumblr post here.

May 26, 2011

Like a good neighbor... (MilSimjunkie x Rainbow Ops)

Over the last weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a team based out of southern California. You may know them as Rainbow Op or Rainbow for short. Despite the funky little name the guys are very professional and want to share their passion for the sport with everyone else. Both of your YouTube channels started around the same time and we equally have around the same number of viewers. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to network.

While the guys of Rainbow were up here to check out CQB CITY to do their field reviews. I drummed up the idea to do a MilSimJunkie skit. As rough of an idea as it was I thought it would be funny if we filmed it at the city. Thankfully the weather was good despite the previous weekends pouring forecast.  

The guys at Rainbow were extremely helpful in setting up the shots and coming up with some of the on the spot dialogue. It all it took us about 20 minutes to film and about a days worth to edit. I had fun working along side them and learned a lot about the SoCal airsoft community.

This wont be the last time we team up together.

If you have a chance please check out their blog and youtube channel. Let them know that MilSimJunkie sent you.

Until then. Enjoy the video!

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Extra Video:
Check out this video from the guys at Rainbow Ops

May 19, 2011

MilSim Junkie Review: Revision Desert Locust Goggles

I first started wearing Revision after my current spectacles failed to meet my expectations. Mainly, it did not fit as well as I had hoped. After picking up the Revision Sawfly glasses I wanted to know a little bit more about the company. The Desert Locust goggles became the first pair of eye protection I had gotten apart from my very trust Arena Flakjack V.1 goggles.

- High Impact Low Profile Frame
- Interchangeable Lenses
- Adjustable Band
- Rubber seal to ensure proper fittiment
- RX carrier compatible
- ANSI rated lenses
- MILITARY grade

Skirmish Report - Well 4.3 Hi Capa (MilSimJunkie)

As an avid pistol shooter I had some high standards when it came to gbb sidearms. Upon initial un-boxing I was astonished to find a nice looking hi-capa. It had a threaded orange tip which was removable but could be used to attach a silencer. After taking a couple of shots down range I had a better understanding of what WELL was trying to achieve with this pistol

I handed it to a player to review and that is where it began to unfold. As you will find in the attached video the gun performed great but after constant abuse it began to fall apart. Not even after a whole day we experienced some gas issues (i.e., only went through half a mag before gas ran out) and a couple of the mag broke. Granted the magazine broke because they were dropped, however, I expected a butt-plate to survive and accidental fall outside of its holster. The second mag broke at the feeding tip while not un-common it sure a pain to deal with.

Overall its a great ENTRY LEVEL gun or a great LOANER weapon however I would not make it a sidearm that I would depend on.

Additonal Skirmish Report reviews

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- Cost
- Stylish (not bad looking)

- Less than great build quality
- Magazines prone to easy breakage
- Magazine Release button too prominent (problematic for some holsters)

Approx. $65 usd

Where to buy?

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Is it summer yet? I couldn't tell onset the downpour we experienced this weekend. The rain made CQB CITY seem like a save haven from the wet weather. Regardless there were tons of people in attendence that set out to play some interesting games.

A new twist on a classic gametype of CQB CITY the "Demolition" style game pitted two sides with the task of taking out the other teams HQ. An EOD team was set in place for each team and given the duty to be the only one to plant the bomb. However before they could a satchel, yes a satchel, charge must have been found to prime the bomb.

May 05, 2011


*Note: Picture is not my own and is the property of its owner

A number of you have messaged me wanting my take on CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 798. Several other notable California Airsoft Youtubers have begun to make public statements regarding the matter.

For those of you who live outside of the United States or the State of California for that matter there is a bill that may pass regarding of how Airsoft weapon's should be treated.
This bill, if passed, would prohibit "the sale, manufacture, transportation, receipt, or distribution of imitation firearms for commercial purposes" unless "the entire exterior surface of the device is white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple, either singly or as the predominant color in combination with other colors in any pattern, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms, or where the entire device is constructed of transparent or translucent materials which permits unmistakable observation of the device's complete contents, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms." (Vaughan 2011)
This was brought about after an incident in Southern California where an LEO shot and wounded an individual who presented their Airsoft weapon.

My Thoughts
Through comments on Youtube and on the web I know that there are places around the world that have similar restrictions regarding Airsoft weapons. This bill may put a serious damper into the airsoft community if it passes other states may use it as precedence. Meaning other states may follow in California steps and institute similar if not the same restrictions.

California and the west coast is well known for its number of world class retail outlets and a number of sanctioned airsoft fields. Many travel from afar to play this sport because in my opinion California has some of the best venue's around. I want people to enjoy this sport no matter where in the world they are. While my passion for the sport wont die as a result of this it would make me playing this sport very difficult.

Its important to note that we dont put blame on the law enforcement office involved, the individual involved or even Senator De Leon. My belief is that we stop pointing fingers and become pro-active instead of re-active.

Why wait for something like this to re-act to. We as a community must continue to work hard at making this sport safer by practicing and using extreme caution. This sport is fun and accidents do happen it is OUR JOB AS A COMMUNITY to minimize those incidents. Lets make sure that we let NEW and VETERAN players know what good looks like.

This game was built solely on the game of honor and respect for others. It has since been expanded as a valuable training tool for those that serve and protect our country. Let us, the player, be the ones to continue to practice and play this sport in a safe manner.

What can YOU do?
I ask that you take the time to educate yourself with the proposed bill. Below are a selection of links that I have compiled on the bill. Click through them and read up on what exactly SB798 says. Just dont sit back or pray the bill doesn't pass be proactive and let De Leon or your local representative know your feelings on the matter (keep it respectful).

Continue to practice safe airsoft by keeping it out of sight from the general public. We (as an airsoft community) should always keep safety in mind and treat our replica's as actual firearms. That means always use extreme caution, wear the right protective gear, transport your weapons in a safe matter, etc. Let's not give Senators another reason to propose such a bill