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January 19, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION January 15, 2011 (UTG Tri-Shot Shotgun)

With close to 140+ people on the field this day. Fantastic day for shooting an OK day for your GBB weapons. The winter chill has made it fairly rough to get those BB's out of the barrel. Most players brought out their shotguns to duke it out on the city. Solid shooting from both teams. I had wished I only got more footage!

The Most Notable Weapon of the Day was actually a UTG Tri-Shot Shotgun. As the close quarter community grows there are many that are putting down their AEG's and switching to a shotgun as their primary. Nothing says "hello" like three BB's flying at you. A close runner up was Ender007's WE G36 GBB

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January 05, 2011


This day brought out 130+ people which wasn't enough to beat the previous weeks all-time record of 200+ people. Needless to say everyone around the city was ready to bring in the new year with a little airsoft action. The fighting came from all different directions. New and unique weapons begun to show itself on the field as kids of all ages are eager to test their new toys on the field.

Most Notable Weapon of the day was the ICS MILKOR MGL a 6 barreled grenade launcher the thing is a beastly system and an even more intimidating sound. A head nod goes out to the custom build air canon by CQB City's on resident MD Doc. The Howitzer 105 was built as a prop but can launch Nerf Howlers hundres of feet into the air.

I want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you, whom has made 2010 a very memorable year. Thanks for your continued support and as long as you keep watching 2011 will be bigger =)

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