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June 27, 2011

Magnum's new blog "BLDG4801" and the $1000 Giveaway

Magnum Boot's has been a long support of MilSimJunkie and of the growing sport of airsoft over the past year. I was delighted to be given a preview of the blog last week and from what you will see in their blog there is nothing short of awesome.

From what I can tell there will be featured posts from individuals who wear Magnum footwear from everything ranging from professionals and hobbyists alike. It will also be a launching platform for their new lines of gear. Currently, under "Field Reports" reader will get an inside look at some of the hottest gear out from Magnum as well as a preview of Magnums new RD apparel (*want*). If you havent yet go check out the blog and browse around.

Recently, Magnum asked if they could interview me for their blog. Well, how could I say no? Check out the whole article here. I hope it answers some of the questions you reader/viewers have had about the man behind MilSimJunkie.

They are also holding a Magnum giveaway with $1000 of gear! All you guys need to do is subscribe to their blog. For the rest of their contest details. Check out the article here.

If you havent already check out Magnum USA's blog:

June 21, 2011

We are "Greater Than" SB798

"Greater Than SB798"
Today (June 21st 2011) is the State Senate Safety Committee hearing regarding SB 798. As mentioned in a previous entry, on different blogs, and videos alike the bill is a strong step at changing how we play this sport. Responsible enthusiasts alike have banned together to greatly oppose this bill. Many have called in to Assembly members, signed petitions, and have forced many of its young community to take a serious stand against the bill.

At this very moment there are hundreds of people gathered outside our Capitol Building from all over California. There are business owners, manufacturers, enthusiasts, and parents all whom have came to stand "greater than" the bill.

I created the simple and straight forward graphic as a means of helping to spread the word of our sport, and our community. I ask only that you educate yourself concerning the bill and share the graphic and your thoughts of what it means with others.

June 17, 2011

MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway 10K Subscriber Celebration

In light of reaching 10K subscribers (yay!) I have paired up with Revision to offer another giveaway. Revision has come up with three separate prize packages that I think is awesome. That means three lucky individual will have a chance to win:
  • *New* Revision Exoshield Goggles
    • 2 Revision Hats
    • 2 Revision Patches
    • More Info: