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August 24, 2011

Milsim Junkie Review: American Shooters Range & Store (Las Vegas, Nevada) + Kriss Super V

I recently got invited to go down to Nevada to do some shooting. While I have been to several indoor and outdoor gun ranges before in California the higher level of professionalism in Nevada is out of this world.

A friend, whom works at the Department of Homeland Security, recommended that I check out American Shooters located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike all the tourist traps in Las Vegas this facility was nicely tucked away from the strip. While the range & store has seen its share of tourists the staff is friendly to people from all walks of life.

Speaking with "Von" a worker at the American Shooter store people come with either a ton of experience (i.g., Military, Law Enforcement) to the new shooter with little to no experience. The nice thing about having a range next door, Von told me, is that customers can go shoot the weapon before they make a purchase or go shoot the weapon after they've made their purchase. I had a great conversation with some of the staff and could see that they were committed to deliver excellence customer service. I was surprised (or not surprised really) to also learn that a handful of the employee's were former California residents. It was also very comforting to learn that some of the staff also come from a Military/LE background.

Not to mention their wide-array of product diversity just inside the store. Not only where there many weapon systems available and on display but they had accessories that seemed to go on rack after rack. I found this a great opportunity to pick up a pair of Surefire EP3-M earpro and an HSGI War belt.

August 10, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION AUGUST 6, 2011 (Zombie Survival TM Five Seven Galaxy MP5K KJW 1911)

MilsimJunkie  w/ winner of a pair of Revision Vipertails
You guys have asked for it since the last video. The opportunity came when I was invited to another private Black Scorpion Squad event at CQB CITY. Of course this ment there would be an awesome game of zombie survival. With the new layout and re-vamp of the city it would make for one exciting game of airsoft.

B.S.S has always played their zombie survival with time and weapon constraints. Their rules dictate that once a survivor is infected that individual immediately becomes a zombie. A zombie cannot use lights, or weapon of any kind with the exception of melee weapons. Another limitation of being a zombie is a lack of communication.

August 02, 2011

"Make it Rain" - Like a good Neighbor MilSimJunkie is there

After a great day of airsoft me and a few of the CQB CITY staff and regulars thought it would be funny to film another "Like a good neighbor" video. I had played with the concept of this video since the last but finally found time to film it. Originally the video parody was suppose to only take 30 minutes to film but hanging out with a hilarious proved to be difficult. Behind the scene the guys made faces or improved dialogue making for some funny outtakes. It all it took us 2 hours to shoot this 60 second video. Its cheesy, I know, but we had fun filming it and its funny does that count?

Remember folks "call your hits" and play with the honor and respect that this sport was based upon.

Video after the jump.