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November 30, 2010


The Junkie is back armed with a brand new camera. I used my time off to get out away from behind the lens and back on the field. In the nearly one month stint I rekindled the flame that I called close quarter airsoft. I forgot how much fun it to play as it was to watch and film it. I received more than a share of "battle wounds" all over my upper extremities. During one weekend people that I had gotten chicken pox =x

I want to send a very special thanks to everyone that donated in person at CQB City and over the internet via online donations. You guys showed you true support and raised over $100 dollars towards the purchase of new camera. With that being said I went ahead and purchased another Canon SD1400 with plans to get another camera for some rather epic video shots =) Thanks to everyone that continued to show love on the videos. Despite not having a video up for some time the channel grew, the views kept rising and the subscription surpassed the 2,500 mark. You are all true junkies!

Lets update you guys on a few things. Chief and the gang decided to open up 6 days a month instead of the usual 4 to spread out the amount of players per weekend. This way games would be of a nice size of 60-70 player a day. So now all you junkies have even more chances to come out to CQB City. As you will see in the video below the video scenarios are getting a bit more unique with a bit of more story behind them.

The most notable weapon of the day was a KWA MAC11. Despite being around 30 degree's in the warehouse it did not stop the use of many gas blow back weapons.

Scenario: This one was a player submitted and modified scenario. The premis was that the President (VIP) has been infected with a virus. It is the secret service (CAMO) job to locate the President and locate the antidote (3 Dog Biscuits and a Pepsi). The problem is that the evil corporation (INSURGENTS) that created the virus and the antidote have hidden the President.

Fantastic firefights all over the city this day. I found myself often in the thick of the fighting as I duck and dodged passing BB's. Luckily the "family jewels" didnt get pelted but I am sure that will change soon.

Enough with the chit chat!

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November 02, 2010

Urban Shield Recap (Forcible Entry Equipment & Sniping Demo)

It was an early Friday morning when I received a call from Joey "Chief" Rubio the owner of CQB City. He asked if I could come out to Urban Shield to accompany him and head Global Security Academy (GSA) instructor Davide Giorcelli for vendor/demo day. Davide unveiled his newest offerings to the LE/MIL community; Tactical Ballistic Products (i.e., goggles & glasses). Having used these products on private security details in Afghanistan, and in parts of South America. The anti-fog, and anti-scratch goggles were a hit with many LE/SERT/SWAT members who stopped by the GSA booth that day.