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October 19, 2011

MilSimJunkie's Day Off: October 16, 2011 (GoPro HD POV KJW 1911)

One of the most frequently asked question's is if I do myself play airsoft. I will gladly refer you to the namesake of this blog and Youtube channel. Yes, of course I do, but with managing time filming and working I found it very difficult to find time to enjoy the sport. One of the reasons I picked up a GoPro Hero HD was so that I could partly film and play. Plus it was nice seeing and reliving the day again as seen through my eyes.

As part of a new way of managing play time and regular "film" time Id like to introduce "MilSimJunkie Day Off" video as a way of killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. It gives me a chance to play a full day of airsoft while still providing something for your eyes to watch. Per the usual video's at the end of the day-off videos I will still film all the antics and gear people bring out to the field.

What was my loadout during my day-off?

Condor Special Operation Compact Molle System plate carrier (coyote)
Chest mounted (1911) Blackhawk Serpa
Condor triple mag pouche
Wiley X CAG-1 Gloves (coyote)
KJW 1911 x 5 mags

A simple loadout for a fun day out on the field. This is not my normal setup and did the job well as I only had a few minutes to grab whatever gear before heading out on the field. I will try to explain on these day-off blog posts the rig and loadout setup if there is anything special I decide to run that day.

Enjoy the video and remember to play hard fight hard.

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October 12, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION OCTOBER 9, 2011 (Pistols, AKs and The Swede)

Chief and MilSimJunkie poses with Richard from Sweden

You will be delighted to know that MilSimJunkie has been working on a lot of side projects all towards benefiting you junkies out there. Airsoft is still a very big part of my life and I want to continue to promote the MilSimJunkie brand and the sport of airsoft. During the month of September I took some time off from filming and blogging to focus on the future and well being of MilSimJunkie.

That being said lets get back to the video's and blogging! The day was filled with great attitudes and all around good fun. CQB CITY has been revamping and doing it fast. It's lobby has been completely remodeled and now includes a parents area complete with couches and a nice tv for watching sports on weekends. Also in the lobby is a re-vamped Gamepod annex to provide all the equipment needs of the players. New to the lobby is the Armor-Up annex which serves the players gear needs and carries everything from holsters, boots, to bags.

CQB CITY continues to amaze me with the amount of people it brings in every weekend. The types of players that come out to range from the most novice to the avid veteran. It was great to see veterans teaching the new guy's how to play the game correctly.

*Video after the jump

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION October 8, 2011 (Vampires, Lycans and Ninjas)

The time came again when MilSimJunkie got invited to another private event at CQB CITY. This time rather than the typical zombie survival scenario the suggestion came out to make things a bit more interesting.

Long story short the plot of the movie Underworld came up and a scenario was developed around the idea's. As you can see in the video it proved to be a new and very unique gametype.

I encourage all of you to experiment with gametypes and not be afraid to try something new. Especially when the Halloween season revolves around getting scared. Overall the scenario worked very well and I looked forward to see how it develops as we continue to experiment with it.

If you have any similar gametypes please do share them as Id like to read about how its played in your area.

Gametype: Survival

Name: Vampires, Lycans and Ninja's (Underworld)


Ninja's (Humans) - Are to find the "silverlight" weapon and detonating it effectively killing Lycans and Vampires

Lycans - Hunt for Vampires and Ninja's

Vampires - Ensure that human's are not able to reach their objective while fending off Lycan's

Ninja's are only armed with sidearms and can engage either Vampires or Lycans. Lycan's hunt and bite its prey and are not able to use a weapon. If shot by either a Vampire or Ninja Lycans must reset their position. Vampires are also able to use a sidearm, however, once shot or light is shined on them must stay in place.

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October 11, 2011

2nd Annual Muddy Maul & Crawl (San Joaquin Delta College Boots to Books)

Post Muddy Maul & Crawl
I caught wind of the event by a friend who whom knew the coordinator, Edna Takahashi. The Muddy Maul & Crawl is a event put forth by San Joaquin Delta Colleges "boots to books" program which aims to aid veterans continue their education after their tour of duty. The mud run consists of 9 "boot-camp" style obstacle's over the span of 2 miles. It took place at local Jessie Grove Winery in Lodi, California.

Starting the day around 0800hrs I met up with the friends Id be running with for the Maul & Crawl. After having a light breakfast we headed to the event grounds to check-in We were greeted by smiles of the volunteers and the smell of BBQ cooking in the background. Also present were local news camera's covering this mornings festivities.

There were close to 150 runners which consisted of men, women, and even children who ran at the end of the day. All active participants went in one of 3 separate waves the third of which was the team run where at least 1 person of the group had to be carried at all times.

I was delighted to see veterans and law enforcement running along side myself. Everyone was very encouraging at all stages of the obstacle course and willing to help each other conquer each portion of the run. The last obstacle was a fridget mud crawl in a pit under some camo netting. At the end of the run we all washed off via a refreshing high pressure firehouse

In all I had a blast and couldn't have done it without the encouragement of friends and fellow runners. It was a great event for a great cause and rest assured that MilSimJunkie will go at it again next year. Id highly recommend anyone interested in participating with me next year or encourage you to participate in a local event near you. There are tons of mud/obstacle runs happening around the world and most of them going towards a good cause. Try it out you never know what your missing out on.

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