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October 12, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION October 8, 2011 (Vampires, Lycans and Ninjas)

The time came again when MilSimJunkie got invited to another private event at CQB CITY. This time rather than the typical zombie survival scenario the suggestion came out to make things a bit more interesting.

Long story short the plot of the movie Underworld came up and a scenario was developed around the idea's. As you can see in the video it proved to be a new and very unique gametype.

I encourage all of you to experiment with gametypes and not be afraid to try something new. Especially when the Halloween season revolves around getting scared. Overall the scenario worked very well and I looked forward to see how it develops as we continue to experiment with it.

If you have any similar gametypes please do share them as Id like to read about how its played in your area.

Gametype: Survival

Name: Vampires, Lycans and Ninja's (Underworld)


Ninja's (Humans) - Are to find the "silverlight" weapon and detonating it effectively killing Lycans and Vampires

Lycans - Hunt for Vampires and Ninja's

Vampires - Ensure that human's are not able to reach their objective while fending off Lycan's

Ninja's are only armed with sidearms and can engage either Vampires or Lycans. Lycan's hunt and bite its prey and are not able to use a weapon. If shot by either a Vampire or Ninja Lycans must reset their position. Vampires are also able to use a sidearm, however, once shot or light is shined on them must stay in place.

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