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December 14, 2010


The fighting continued as we near Christmas day and Winter break. Many came out to fight it out in the close quart fields of CQB City. Armed with a shotgun and a pistol I myself tried to join in on the action. The video below is filled with all sorts of action even good ol' Chief had to play. Smiles all around as many enjoyed a dry and wet free gameplay (from the weather).

From all of me (MilsimJunkie) and the rest of the CQB City Staff we wish all of you happy holidays and hope that you can give back to someone in need this season.

The Most Notable Weapon of the Day was a H.E.R.A.Arms GCC (Glock Carbine Conversion) using a KSC Glock 18c. Like its famous counterpart the Magpul FPG the carbine kit allows for better groupings and management of the Glock platform.

Happy Holidays
Play Hard, Fight Hard

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Received a message from Magnum HQ and thought I would share this information with all of you:

In the true spirit of Christmas, the team at Magnum USA would like to give back to our Facebook friends as a thank you for “liking” us. Every day starting Dec. 13 until Dec. 25, Magnum USA is giving away gear for the 12 Days of Christmas.
Entering the giveaway is easy. Here’s how:
1. “Like” Magnum Boots USA on Facebook 
2. Change your default profile photo to Magnum’s current Facebook profile picture. 
3. Answer the daily question presented on Magnum’s Facebook page by leaving a comment on the same post. The post(s) with the most “likes” at the end of each day will receive that day’s prize (i.e. 10th Day of Christmas = 10 winners). The more allies one invites to Magnum’s page to like your comment, the better your chances of winning!
An extra bonus – for every Magnum profile picture posted until Christmas Day, Magnum USA will donate to The Salvation Army. Help Magnum help others this season – and help yourself win some cool Magnum gear!

I do not know about any of you but I know I will entering everyday till Christmas =p All this holiday gift giving is inspiring me to do something. Stay Frosty Folks!


Milsim Junkie Review: Magnum Spider 8.1 Urban Boots

For More Information:

Magnum Spider 8.1 Urban

December 07, 2010


Despite the rain and the cold weather around 50+ players came out to engage in some close quarter action. I saw team patches from all over northern California; Alakdan Airsoft, M4H, and South Bay Airsoft.

Solid fighting all around. Players got creative with their strategy in completing objectives. Trying something new CQB City staff blocked off common entries and forced opposing sides to duke it out around the killhouse which made for some pretty exciting shooting.

A good thing to note is that I have covered the camera with some foam. Over the weekend it took two or three direct hits and the foam deflected the BB's!

Most Notable Weapon of the Day airsoft mortar made by a CQB City staff member. The air cannon is designed to launch tennis balls across the city with a kill radius of 20ft. Any person in the mortars point of impact in the immediate area is call dead. It was used by both the insurgent and camo forces to push back enemy lines.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard

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