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January 25, 2010

Initial Review: Replica Oakley Gloves

Price: USD $20-36

These replica's are based off their SI Assault (or civilian Pilot) line.


  • Mid-height cuff with secure Velcro strap
  • Mark suede finger surfaces
  • Air mesh vents
  • Knuckle protector

Magpul 2010 Product tentative release dates

I read a post of a rumor that Magpul was coming out with an iPhone case. Now I dont have an iPhone, although it seems that everyone around me does, I thought I was investigate this claim. I began hitting the internet searching for at least pictures of what it might look like.

CQB City Airsoft January 24, 2010

Just got back from another fun day at the field. Today we introduced our second floor perch concept and began playing around with the layout of the field. Sure there were some issues with which side had the upper hand but it was all in good fun and experimentation with the field. I will admit I saw a lot of safety issues but I did address them with the operators and gave them fair warning. I tried to condense most of the video down to 10 minutes. With over an hour worth of video shot it was a daunting task. If you weren't in the video and you were their that day please leave a comment and next time your at the field let me know.

January 23, 2010

Airsoft-Innovations: New Tornado Grenade prototypes

I dont know why I havent seen too much chatter about the Tornado prototypes set to be released this year. If your unfamiliar with Airsoft-Innovations they are the ones who make the Tornado grenade. A spinning grenade that dispenses bb's  or lets out a 120dB sound when the pin is pulled. The sub $100 retail price has made it a popular prop on airsoft fields around the globe.

January 22, 2010

Magpul Products @ Shot Show 2010

Ive long since been a Magpul fanatic since my first genuine Magpul purchase. The quality of their products, the theory, teachings and design behind their products attract more and more users everyday. Currently my primary weapon (G&G GR-16) is equipped with Magpul furniture and more are on order as we speak.
Last years Shot Show introduced to the airsoft community the ASAP (ambidextrous-sling-attachment-point), MS2 Sling, MBUS, BAD Lever, Ready Mag and MOE Hanguard. Soon there were airsoft counter parts hitting stores across the world.

January 20, 2010

CQB City is growing, upward!

CQB City is adding a new dynamic to the field. The city has outgrown its warehouse and is looking UP to expand. With additional plans to do the same to more buildings the view from above adds a whole new element to the city. Future planning of the city will be even closer requiring operatives to switch to sidearms more often and room clear with teammates.

January 19, 2010

Secondary Weapons in the Close Quarter Environment

In the close quarter environment the sidearm is a shooters best friend. A pistol allows the operator to effectively engage any enemy encounter while maintaining mobility throughout tight spaces. Keep in mind this is airsoft while basic firearm rules apply (all guns are loaded, finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot, muzzle control, ensure you know what your shooting and beyond it) some actions can be eliminated from the manual of arms (such as clearing gun jams).

Most people well tell you their sidearm is very accurate even over large distances and some are. Although an average airsoft operators, including myself, have tried engaging a target further than we should. The truth of the matter is that a pistol, shotgun, rubber knife, etc is a close quarter weapon. Keep this in mind when engaging your targets. In these environments it becomes more about putting those bb's on your target -anywhere on your target- rather than a specific location (such as the head, arm, foot).

January 17, 2010

CQB City Airsoft January 16, 2010

Just got back from CQB City night operations and I am glad to say that I spent most of my time filming. I managed to break my Condor 1-Point bungee sling during the first skirmish and I found myself rather uncomfortable with my thigh rigs (pistol holster).
That being said I will now revert back to my HSGI (High Speed Gear Inc) loadout. Ordered a Magpul MS2 sling from "t-tiger" on ASF for a fair price, a new dump pouch from Weapon Blender, and finally Glock Serpa Holster with S.T.R.I.K.E platform from Ebaybanned. Check back on the blog soon for a complete review of my loadout and new accessories. I also ive been getting a lot of comments on my coyote tan Condor Softshell, so I should be filming the review later this week. Ive had it for close to over 2 months and have used it on and off the airsoft field.

January 12, 2010

G&G GR-16: A review 8,000 bb's later

Ive gone through about 8,000 rounds (approx. 2 bags of 4K ct BB's) it is not time for an updated mini-review. Below I answer some question's I got with the first one; FPS? Lipo? Weapon Attachments? all of which get answer in the video.