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January 19, 2010

Secondary Weapons in the Close Quarter Environment

In the close quarter environment the sidearm is a shooters best friend. A pistol allows the operator to effectively engage any enemy encounter while maintaining mobility throughout tight spaces. Keep in mind this is airsoft while basic firearm rules apply (all guns are loaded, finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot, muzzle control, ensure you know what your shooting and beyond it) some actions can be eliminated from the manual of arms (such as clearing gun jams).

Most people well tell you their sidearm is very accurate even over large distances and some are. Although an average airsoft operators, including myself, have tried engaging a target further than we should. The truth of the matter is that a pistol, shotgun, rubber knife, etc is a close quarter weapon. Keep this in mind when engaging your targets. In these environments it becomes more about putting those bb's on your target -anywhere on your target- rather than a specific location (such as the head, arm, foot).

Your pistol, or shotgun doesnt have to be the most accurate sidearm in the world as long as it has capable power of getting a bb on your target. In my experience in the close quarter airsoft environment small encounters involve putting bb's on the largest part of my target, usually the chest, leg, or thigh.

What am I saying? In short, accuracy of the weapon itself for the most part doesn't matter. You the shooter should be proficient enough to put bb's at close range on the largest area of your intended target.

Speed & Effeciency
In the narrow situations especially navigating through crowded paths the airsoft operator should focus on being mobile and efficient as possible. Having any upper edge over your intended enemy can be the game winning advantage.
Some best practices to be as efficient as possible are to have pistol mag holsters, in or around close proximity to your non-action side (support hand). Why? Being able to be efficient in getting your weapon ready makes it quicker and easier for the operator to engage the enemy target.
Another is to get your primary out of the way via tactical sling. The less things in your general operating area the quick and more efficient (overall mobility) will the operator will be. To add by switching to your sidearm with the primary out of the way the operator is able to minimize their exposure to enemy fire.

So Why the sudden interest in Sidearms?
Pistols are often overlooked in the airsoft community and if they are considered most people think you need to get the most accurate or most expensive one. IMO it goes down to the individual operator themselves and see the pistol as only as an extension of the operators own skill. With practice and repeated use a person with a HFC Glock could be just as effective as a person with a TM Glock (comparing unit prices). Dont get me wrong im not saying completely that accuracy doesnt mean anything or that you should run through a close quarter environment. I mean you still have to be able to hit a target even though be it at the largest portion of their body. What I mean is that the operator doesnt have the be in the likes of IPSC or target shooters.

Also next month marks the release of Magpul Dynamics: Art of the Dynamic Handgun DVD that I am sure all of you have been looking for the trailer for. I know I will be looking forward to getting a copy of this and absorbing the knowledge the Magpul Dynamic classess.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree! In a CQB environment or any fairly close combat the pistol becomes and extension of the shooter. I have been in several field "Defend" or "Assault" matches were I have drawn my pistol.

I run a Wilsom Combat 1911 MEU and it has pretty descent range and accuracy for the pistol. Running mid caps like I do it becomes essential to know how to draw your pistol and engage when you run out of ammo.

It can be a great tool to use for the person who knows how to use it properly. I have run out of ammo in my primary in an assault, and drawn my secondary to put rounds down at my enemy to get his head down and me behind cover again to reload my primary.


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