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January 25, 2010

Magpul 2010 Product tentative release dates

I read a post of a rumor that Magpul was coming out with an iPhone case. Now I dont have an iPhone, although it seems that everyone around me does, I thought I was investigate this claim. I began hitting the internet searching for at least pictures of what it might look like.

While doing some Google Searching I was able to find a link to Magpul's 2010 catalog.

Not only does it list the prices of some of the popular AR accessories seen at shot show but on page 67 a picture of the Magpul iPhone case. This might make me jump on the bandwagon and get one (probably not).

On person replied to the thread with a picture:

The (iPhone) field case is slated for FEB '10. But what is most interesting is the MVG (MOE Vertical Grip). The MOE handguard is something that is being seen on many Airsoft weapons these days and it has been hard, especially for me, to find the right vertical grip. I thought about going with the AFG (angled-fore-grip).

The MVG requires no rails as it will snap on to the MOE hand guard with ease. At only $19.95 (refer to the catalog) I am sure copies and clones will only be as cheap if not cheaper. Cant wait to see this on the field or get a hold of one.

Remember to fight hard, play hard.


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