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January 25, 2010

CQB City Airsoft January 24, 2010

Just got back from another fun day at the field. Today we introduced our second floor perch concept and began playing around with the layout of the field. Sure there were some issues with which side had the upper hand but it was all in good fun and experimentation with the field. I will admit I saw a lot of safety issues but I did address them with the operators and gave them fair warning. I tried to condense most of the video down to 10 minutes. With over an hour worth of video shot it was a daunting task. If you weren't in the video and you were their that day please leave a comment and next time your at the field let me know.
Thunder-B and Tornado Grenades were amongst of the many props used on the field today. My ears were left ringing and my both shut closed. While I am happy to see the sport grow into a much more agressive and semi-realistic environment its beginning to degrade my hearing.

As always I leave you with the video. Play safe, Play Hard!


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