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January 25, 2010

Initial Review: Replica Oakley Gloves

Price: USD $20-36

These replica's are based off their SI Assault (or civilian Pilot) line.


  • Mid-height cuff with secure Velcro strap
  • Mark suede finger surfaces
  • Air mesh vents
  • Knuckle protector

At a glance these outter facing of the gloves look like ones pictured on Oakleys website. One of the key noticeable differences is that the underside (inside hand) is CB (coyote brown) not black. 

Actual (SI Assault)

Replica Oakley

Feature for feature each element is there complete with vents, suede finger tipes (index and middle finger), leather (or leather type) material on palm, and even hard knuckle protectors.
The knuckle protectors are made to simulate a carbon look. Now is it a vinyl layover? No, but is it true carbon fiber? I highly doubt it. The weave looks carbon fiber like however the finish has bubbles and a mildy rough feel which indicate a cheaper material and quality control. 

Oakley gloves are measured at the thickest part of your hand. Take a tape measure and wrap it around your knuckles then clench your hand into a fist.
Oakley Sizing
X-Small = 7"
Small = 8"
Medium = 9"
Large = 10"
X-Large = 11"
XX-Large= 12"
The gloves that I bought are retailed as a Large. Using the above sizing I am at 9" (or a Medium). These gloves should fit fine. However these are China copies and thus run a lot smaller. Luckily for me they fit nice and snug (a little tight) however I am able to deal with it.
Overall, I am pleased. I am sure in the long run I will eventually go out and buy an actual pair of Oakley SI gloves to compare but for now I just saved myself $40 and am pleased with the purchase.
Ill update this review as soon as I get some field time with them.



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