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October 19, 2011

MilSimJunkie's Day Off: October 16, 2011 (GoPro HD POV KJW 1911)

One of the most frequently asked question's is if I do myself play airsoft. I will gladly refer you to the namesake of this blog and Youtube channel. Yes, of course I do, but with managing time filming and working I found it very difficult to find time to enjoy the sport. One of the reasons I picked up a GoPro Hero HD was so that I could partly film and play. Plus it was nice seeing and reliving the day again as seen through my eyes.

As part of a new way of managing play time and regular "film" time Id like to introduce "MilSimJunkie Day Off" video as a way of killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. It gives me a chance to play a full day of airsoft while still providing something for your eyes to watch. Per the usual video's at the end of the day-off videos I will still film all the antics and gear people bring out to the field.

What was my loadout during my day-off?

Condor Special Operation Compact Molle System plate carrier (coyote)
Chest mounted (1911) Blackhawk Serpa
Condor triple mag pouche
Wiley X CAG-1 Gloves (coyote)
KJW 1911 x 5 mags

A simple loadout for a fun day out on the field. This is not my normal setup and did the job well as I only had a few minutes to grab whatever gear before heading out on the field. I will try to explain on these day-off blog posts the rig and loadout setup if there is anything special I decide to run that day.

Enjoy the video and remember to play hard fight hard.

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Anonymous said...

You need to learn how to reload dude. Also, how many times are you going to run in front of your buddies' muzzles and block their sectors of fire?!

Jeff Daniels said...

iv been playing airsoft for awile but i still dont get why people put there hop up so high.Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Greeting beyond the Atlantic sea.

Today I saw few of your videos in YouTube, and there rose few questions to my head? Is this CQB-City only for used by Your team, or is it possible for total outsider to come play? Is own gear need, or is the possibilities to rent it? Just for in case, I someday make my way to the States, and want to experience something really cool.

- Daniel P. from Finland EU -

Anonymous said...

we dont have anywhere close to play down here in indiana. Time to go to the west coast baby!

Anonymous said...

hop up is for when you fire, the pellet will fire to where your sight is aimed. duh!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel P,

Yes, a person from another country can come play. They do have gear there, but if you can bring your own, that's ok. And yes, you can rent your own gear. by the way, C.Q.B city is in Stockton, California and if you're bringing an airsoft gun, it has to be under 325 fps and in a gun carrying bag. See you there!


Lauri Meetteri said...

Hi I liked your CQB City and i'd loved to join in. I hope you would take me into your war. I'm from Finland and my English isn't the best, but if you are interested to take me with you so contact to or in facebook Lauri Meetteri thank you :)

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