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October 12, 2011

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION OCTOBER 9, 2011 (Pistols, AKs and The Swede)

Chief and MilSimJunkie poses with Richard from Sweden

You will be delighted to know that MilSimJunkie has been working on a lot of side projects all towards benefiting you junkies out there. Airsoft is still a very big part of my life and I want to continue to promote the MilSimJunkie brand and the sport of airsoft. During the month of September I took some time off from filming and blogging to focus on the future and well being of MilSimJunkie.

That being said lets get back to the video's and blogging! The day was filled with great attitudes and all around good fun. CQB CITY has been revamping and doing it fast. It's lobby has been completely remodeled and now includes a parents area complete with couches and a nice tv for watching sports on weekends. Also in the lobby is a re-vamped Gamepod annex to provide all the equipment needs of the players. New to the lobby is the Armor-Up annex which serves the players gear needs and carries everything from holsters, boots, to bags.

CQB CITY continues to amaze me with the amount of people it brings in every weekend. The types of players that come out to range from the most novice to the avid veteran. It was great to see veterans teaching the new guy's how to play the game correctly.

*Video after the jump

A favorite weapon of the day was the pump tri-burst shotgun and pistol a combination that many are using at CQB CITY. It serves to promote high speed close engagement with opponents on the field. As you will see in the newest MilSimJunke video majority of the firefight was inside the buildings. With the revamp of the city's structure often times players are finding themselves within 25ft of each other. Many of the players use skill and sneakiness to get to their foes

It was a pleasure to be back on the field playing/filming and I hope I continue to regularly schedules videos to your computer screens.

Most notable person of the day went to Richard from Sweden who traveled to California to play airsoft. From my conversations with him he started off his adventure down south and met up with Bob "The Axe Man" Hildebrand before heading north to CQB CITY. Richard explained how the airsoft community operated in Sweden and Europe for that matter. He also explained the Swedish MilSim players are probably the most hardcore players out there. Some of the scenario's he spoke of consisted of over 1000 plus players over a week span. It was also interesting to find out that most players in Sweden only use low-capacity magazines and it very frowned upon to use high-caps. Overall he has me very interested and has gotten me entertaining the idea of traveling overseas to play airsoft. I wish him a safe travel home and hopefully we can meet again this time on his own turf.

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that european airsoft sounds beastly... hey Arwin you think you can post the footage you took from september 25th?.. or maybe send me a file with the raw footage?

Anonymous said...

Hello Arwin,

I love your videos but I have been waiting and waiting for your footage from September 25th. Could you please post it soon. I am subscribed so no no need for you to send me a link. The camera man from the 916th Airsoft Combat Brigade thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Un saludo desde EspaƱa. Sois la polla. Seguid asi.

Anonymous said...

por supesto eres

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