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April 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 25, 2010 (WE SCAR GBB S&W CLEAR SPRING SHOTGUN)

On a humid day to play operators came from all over to beat the heat in CQB City's indoor facility. With close to 60+ players in attendance I got lit up more than a "dread-head" on 420. Every week it seems that players gets more and more gutsy as the fighting tightens. Some of my favorite weapons of the day were a Smith & Wesson Hardball (clear M3000 spring shotgun) which is the kind you can find at Walmart, Target, etc. Why? As you will see in the video the operator running around everywhere using its 19rnd magazine to its fullest capacity. Another was a WE GBB SCAR an operator had that I could hear clear across the field during a firefight. Hearing a WE GBB is such an intimidating sound I could not help but fix my camera pointed in its direction.

Some people have asked how many times do I get shot at. In the video you will get a small glimpse of the guy behind the lens. I cant say it doesn't hurt when you have BB's flying at you from all directions, however, I dry the tears to get the best footage.

Celebrating a birthday a CQB City staff member was painted as the VIP. One team's objective was to defend the VIP as they navigated throughout the city. VIP remains alive so long as balloons are present. About 20 minutes into the scenario as you will see in the video the call went in for ALL players (except VIP) to go rogue. Which led to some very intense video as the VIP was pitted against close to 60 players. Ill be honest the round was cut short due to a player not calling his hits, however, we resolved the misunderstanding and continued on with gameplay. I challenge you to take not of the body count with the MP5K.

People have asked are the simulated reports (explosions) loud? Short answer, yes, hence why I wear ear protections when I film. My ear's were left ringing as a rocket wiz by my ears and two reports went off in one scenario.

In all a very good day to play. Make sure to check out next weeks.

Remember to fight hard and player hard!

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YOU GUYS ROCK!, o btw what kind of MP5K is that? i need to know

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