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April 13, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 11, 2010 (Gas Blow Back GBB)

The smell of green gas and propane covered the air as many of the players loaded up their magazines. With close to 100 players in attendance it was a great day of indoor gameplay. Players seemed to have come from all over the central valley and bay area amongst the most notable; Blow Back Armory, B.A.T (Bay Area Tactical), and Rebel Scum. Each side of players were very gutsy as shooting engment

I dont think I have seen this many gas blow back weapons ever at the city. Many of the players, some many from Blow Back Armory, had nothing but gbb weapons. It was nice seeing many difference type of gas weapons from; pistols, rifles, and smg's. In the video you will see a lot of the force on force operation most which feature a gbb or recoil based weaponry. I think that everyone will enjoy seeing the fighting and close skirmishes in the video after the jump.

Most fields have a "surrender" or "bang" rule which calls for a player to call the for mentioned words if their within a close proximity of an opposing player. However, at CQB City there is no such rule as long as within 25ft of an opposing force players are to use their side arms. Most of the close quarter fighting I saw was not within the confines of the "killhouse" rather from the streets of the city. Some players were getting really creative with their tactics using Tornado Grenades to clear corridors.

While I did not play in the day's events as I had an area of responsibility to patrol as a referee. With all the close quarter shooting and no engagement rule some players lost their cool which hopefully I was able to resolve. Ill be honest and say that I understand why they would get heated real fast as at CQB City shooting can ring out from any direction. Remember its a close quarter environment and everyones out there to have fun. Take the hits, wipe the wound, and get back into the fight. For those that havent been to CQB City YET be cautious and realize that this is close quarter field and there is a high percentage that you will get pelted by more than one BB. In all many smiles left the facility and I know most of the players will be back.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard

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It seems fun! /David Rudberg (from youtube)

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