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April 20, 2010

CQB City Airsoft April 17, 2010

40+ people came out to a nice night operation at the city for a 20 vs 20 force on force action on Saturday evenings events. I will admit it now that I did a lot more playing than I did filming. Not because I was lazy rather like I have always said; night operations are always difficult to film with my current camera setup. Until I can get some great low light camera I will attempt to film as much as I can during night ops.

I find myself in the thick of the firefight with enemy forces all around me. With the lack of backup from the younger teamates I often was left alone to defend a front bymyself. The first and last couple of scenarios I navigated in the dark often leading me face to face with opposing forces. It never felt so good to shoot with my sidearm as it did during this night op. At some point a rouge player made their way behind our lines. I quickly ran and engaged on the target only to find out the rouge player was other than a fellow CQB CITY staff member. Towards the end of the night total blackout scenarios reigned as lights were turned off and nvg's and tracer unites were turned on. From the little I could see players blindly navigated through the city ran making it for a truly frightening experience. If you have ever stormed into a room during daylight try doing it at night.

With warmer weather upon us I opted to change my loadout to something even lighter; a bit more HSLD (high speed low drag). I began piecing this kit for some time although never completing it until recently. Some of the items I have had since I first started playing airsoft.

My PMC/Civilian/Insurgent Loadout:
    • Hat (Tan)
    • Peltor Tactical 6
    • Arena Industries Flak Jaks
    • Shemagh (Tan)
    • Magnum Boots Tactical L/S (Black)
    • 5.11 Tac-Lite Pro Pants (OD)
    • Magnum Elite Force 8.0 Boots (Black)
    • Oakley Assault SI Gloves (Tan)
  • RIG
    • HSGI Suspenders (OD)
    • HSGI Battle Belt (Tan)
    • Glock Serpa (Tan)
    • Condor Triple Mag Pouch (Tan)
    • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch (Tan)
    • 2x ITW Fast Mag's
FYI: Yes, I know I am a 'Geardo.' I afterall am a junkie =)

This byfar is my favorite setup. Its lightweight easy to put on and off and allows for fantastic economy of movement because its simple and to the point. My transitions from primary to secondary were a bit easier, with time and practice I imagine a much smoother changeover. The Peltor Tac 6's are the best ear pro's I have encountered for airsoft they allow me to hear teammates and concentrate more on the task at hand. With CQB CITY's simulated reports (explosions) these cans filter out the high db's. Despite having a long sleeve shirt (L/S) on the tactical shirt from Magnum Boots performed phenomenally. It kept me cool and breathed enough to dry up the sweat. This is only the beginning cant wait to see what else I piece up.

It was very pleasant to see people with some of the biggest grins in their face than I have every seen at a night op. The camaraderie amongst the players was some of the best. Thank you to those that came out this night to make it a great way to kick off spring/summer season at the city.

For more videos check out: Milsimjunkie1


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