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April 05, 2010

Review: Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPI

Boots are an often overlooked portion of a players loadout. There are countless times in which I have seen people play in sneakers, slip-on's, running shoes, basketball shoes, even in flip-flops. Unless your truly trying to mimic a insurgent loadout improper footwear can actually impede in a players performance.

Its true I have played in the forementioned styles of footwear before and I can understand why many overlook this portion of a players gear. However, I can contest that with the right boot players very seldom revert back.

Currently I have two boots that I wear both as an everyday work boot and as an boot for airsoft. One is the Magnum Desert Stealth Force 8.0 and the other is their new Magnum Elite Force 8.0 boot.

The Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPI boot is their current flagship piece of footwear. Featuring their ion-mask technology the Elite Force's have been referred to as a Ferrari that you can take off-road.

  • ion-mask technology
  • Cambrelle lining
  • Abrasion resistant heel kick pad
  • EVA midsole
  • Composite Shank

What does WPI mean?
Waterproof featuring ion-mask technology

What is Ion-Mask Technology?
Completed boots are put into a vacuum where air is removed and then a plasma is created to activate the surface of the boot. In the vacuum a monomer is then introduced to adhere to the activated surfaces. To enhance and finish a special layer of polymer is applied. Each boot (left and right) is treated in this special process individually.

How long have you been wearing Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPI?
3-4 Weeks (as of April 4, 2010) or more than 40hrs with the boots on.


Magnum's Elite Force 8.0 WPI is a fantastic boot for everyday wear for civilian and professional application. Its a boot that is comfortable and yet rugged. It features great ankle support, and exterior coating to last against the elements, and great design for superb foot support.

During airsoft field application I am able maneuver around urban obstacles. As an everyday tactical wear boot they are are casual looking and keep the foot nice an warm during cold mornings. Its insole made long standing operations tolerable. I found my feet always firmly planted on the floor and at no point felt the need to re-adjust the boot.

Some of the things I would have wished was other color options. The black boots wear well with a more civilian-private military, or even woodland (jungle) type loadouts but it would be nice to see a much more subdued color-way; coyote, brown, tan, etc.

My favorite feature is of course the  ion-mask technology which allowed me to take it out on in the rain without worry of any water geting into the shoe. For professional usage this is important if the boot will be worn at long periods of time, prolonged water exposure inside of a boot could lead to mold and fungus growth.

Yes, these boots are above the normal price range of the "average" airsofter but if you had to chance to get a pair of boots for your everyday tactical needs look into the Magnum Elite Force 8.0's. These boots will go the extra mile to ensure that it get's you through anything.



Anonymous said...

(flanker)how durable is this ion masking?

MSJ said...

The ion-mask bonds with the material itself. From what Ive learned in my visit with Magnum is that this bond is permanent. Meaning it should last you the lifetime of the shoe.

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