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March 31, 2010

Magpul FPG Conversion Kits Available Now!

Since the original Magpul blog entry done during the first week of Shot Show 2010 many have awaited it's arrival to retailers. That time has not come just yet but official Magpul PTS conversion kits have shown up on one popular retails site. Ehobbyasia is well known for their selection of products and relatively competitive pricing. It is also the first that I have seen to offer the Magpul PTS Folding Pistol Glock (FPG) for KSC/KWA G18C.

If your one of the few that still have a working KSC/KWA G18c and looking to jazz up your Glock look no further. The Magpul PTS conversion will run you $260 (before shipping) and includes everything you need to make the conversion, except a magazine and pistol light. Each is made of reinforced polymer made famous by Magpul. 

The close quarter environment will not be the same as soon as these hit airsoft fields. Having such as small and ultra compact shoulder fired weapon will become one of the most sought after SMG platforms. The carry handle atop the ultra compact SMG conversion would enable operators to carry weapon a lot easier not that its 650g weight is heavy. Its integrated vertical foregrip allows each operator to smoothly and easily acquisition targets. Once done the FPG as it name serves will compact within itself into a neat little package.

Buyer it now here

Price: $260

Package Includes:

  • Magpul FPG Kit
  • Enhanced Fire Selector
  • Enhanced Cylinder
  • Magazine Floor Plate

*Pictures From and the Property of EhobbyAsia


Anonymous said...

pre order at $245 ill get 1..can't wait.


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