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March 20, 2010

Face Protection: An alternative way to save your teeth

In my YouTube comment's many viewers have asked about face protection. Several videos feature Chief, Bobby, other operators and myself wearing a unique face mask. Is it a gas mask? Is it some expensive airsoft mask? Did you make it? Answer is no, its not what you think.

Its a painting respirator with the canisters removed. Painting respirators are used by painters to filter out the harmful dust, fumes, and vapors from paints.

I cannot take credit for thinking of using the respirators. Chief and Bobby started using them at CQB City after another ref lost a tooth (12th of overall teeth lost at the city). They both wanted to find an alternative way to save teeth without using a full face mask, half face mask, or using a shemagh. Respirators were found to be the most effective for our close quarter environment. Their intimidating unique look have been making them a crowd favorite.

What I use?
Product: 3M Respirator
Model #: 7502
MSRP: $19.99
Size: Medium

Where can you buy?
You can find these anywhere that sells painting supplies; online, Lowes, Home Depot, Kragens (O'Reiley's), or paint supply stores.

Cheek weld?
Depending on the style, size, and brand operators can hold a nice cheek weld. I personally have no issues with cheek weld.

With canisters removed the ports direct breathing out and away from the face and ultimately away from glasses or goggles. So far I have not experienced any issued with fogging's even with heavy breathing.

We have used these with walkies and have experienced only minor muffling. Since the  respirator covers your mouth voice communication becomes slightly difficult.


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Anonymous said...

(tongfu77) Is it harder to breathe with this thing on?

MSJ said...

Depending on the size of the canister ports breathing is not a problem.

Anonymous said...

You can get the Hakkotsu Iron Face for about half the price and place your com mic inside or just below the mask.

Mark Vaughan, M.D.
Dr. Airsoft

LSG Industrial & Office Products, Inc. said...

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