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March 22, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 20, 2010

It seems I always get shot the most when I am behind the camera even more so when I have a light attached to it. Night operations are extremely difficult for to film given the indoor conditions. In certain area of the city players are in complete darkness unknowing of enemy positions. Despite wearing a security orange vest the camera and I get lit up more than a few times.

Im working hard at trying to deliver the best of close quarter combat even if it means I gotta get shot a few times.

At the field I had the privelage of meeting a lot of the viewers. Thanks for reading, watching, rating, commenting, and subscribing. I encourage any of you to introduce yourself on the field. Some of you had some questions of where I buy my gear. Most of it, if not all of it, is purchased online.

Favorite Places to Gear Shop
Making appearance more and more often to the field are Cree LED flashlights. LED flashlight technology is evolving rapidly and airsofters are grabbing them up as soon as they come out. While traditional LED lights need more than several to create a substantial amount of lumens. These high power low running pieces of equipment allow operators to light up a faraway target, a room, or a work space. With more than 200-600 or more lumens of power with just a few LEDs these flashlights are being bought left and right.

The new environment made it even more difficult to navigate at night. Operators found themselves getting pinned down from an unknown target. Secret hideouts from the castle proved essential in Camo's only win during the night. Firefights were even closer as players sought out force on force combat. As tracers fly overhead many, including myself, ran for cover. Ricochet's knocked out three CQB City fluorescent light bulbs and claimed the time on the field of many players.

Overall a fun night at the city that I hope was shared amongst players. Below is the video of what could be seen.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard!


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