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March 07, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 6, 2010 [WE KAC PDW on Video]

Even more additional changes to the field were unveiled today to a nice number of operators for Saturday's festivities. A lot of small skirmishes going on all over the field from ; Bobby's Pistol Palace, from within the Kill House, the Bank, and shooting from the 2nd floor tower. The sounds of BB's rained down upon everyone who played today.

I will admit we had some issues today mainly delt with communication amongst ourselves and operators but most of it was put aside and refocused back onto the field. Saturday's group had some awesome close quarter footage that I hope I captured. Some shooters were first timers, and some were veterans overall not a bad day for airsoft.

Exclusive: Worlds First WE PDW in the field (on video)
Among the weapons that were fielded today was yet filmed on the field WE PDW GBB a copy of the Knight Armament Co (KAC) PDW. Its real steel counter-part is a all personal defense weapon (PDW) which fires the 6x35mm cartridge. The PDW is essentially a shortened M16 (variant) lower and can accept standard M16 magazines. The WE PDW GBB is a weapon not yet found skirmished on YouTube and Milsim Junkie had the privilege shooting (video) of this bad boy in action.

Coming around corners you are able to hear this WE PDW going off. The sound of the gas exiting the weapon is intimidating enough. Its ultra compact design made the shooter ultra mobile which helps in a close quarter environment.

Quick Notes on the WE KAC PDW GBB
  • There are no trademarks
  • Trigger Assembly is noticeably similar to WE SCAR
  • WE M4 variant magazines will fit. However, KAC magazine will not fit in M4/SCAR
    • This is due to a longer magazine cut
  • PDW magazine (shell) is made out of polymer
  • Dimpling on outer barrel and Pistol Grip (as seen on Knights Armament Co)
  • Recoil is hard for such a small platform
  • Upper receiver is higher than M4 which hits the trademark WE brass
  • Quick detach sling mount can be moved to several points on the weapon
My hopes that everyone had fun shooting each other and kept all aggression on the field. Remember its a game, enjoy the scars!

Remember to Fight Hard, Play Hard!

End Day Notes
  • At the end of the day I found that my multicam pant were ripped at the crouch seams. Looks like I will be ordering a matching SKD Tac ( GEN. 2 Multicam Ripstop bottoms soon. 
  • I will also be working on getting patches designed for the staff.
  • G&G GR16 (Combat Machine EBB) chrono's at 280fps on .25's
  • I need higher quality BB's for the GBB 
  • Hop-up on G&G needs some work


SteelRain23 said...

Every where I see the WE KAC PDW, it said to be shooting at over 400+ FPS, was his modified or changed in anyway so that it would be able to be meet the FPS limit? I want to purchase one and be able to use it at CQB City but don't wanna shoot over the FPS limits.

MilsimJunkie said...

The WE KAC PDW passed with our fps limit with the aid of an NPAS system which is available for gbbr. The negative pressure air system allows for better control of fps on the fly with the WE gbb platform. What this means for you is that no matter where you go and whatever fps limit the field may have you can adjust it to fit.

SteelRain23 said...

Oh alright thank you! I assume that can be found at Blow Back Armory? But thank you again for the information, you have a great site and great videos on your youtube. I've played airsoft in Hawaii with my brother and friends with AEG's for awhile now and I want to get into the GBB's so thank you for this information. I hope to go to CQB City sometime soon and also have a chance to meet you! Thanks -SteelRain23

Joshua said...

i cant stop taking about CQB city and i dont even live in CA. milsimjunkie is just a good harted giy and i respect his ways very mutch.
because of him and CQB city i cant what to go and i will meet milsimjunkie in person one day soon

Unknown said...

This sounds like a pretty nice tactical weapon. I take is this is only for games, but is it a copy of the real deal? Great video.

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