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March 16, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 14, 2010

CQB City has gotten more facelifts within the last few months than Joan River's. The newest additions to the field include a Favela like appearance to the West side of city. Buildings and structures are built with destructed urban feel. During regular gameplay it is now much more difficult to find out where shots ring out. Total 360 awareness is needed by all members of each team without it operator's will be heading to re-spawn. This is not the end of it as week's progress more of the same type of buildings/structures will be added to add to the cities chaos.

Courtesy of CQB City, LLC

Its truly complex, in a good way, now its much more dynamic on the permitter of the city than it is inside the killhouse. As one person put it "I cant see where I am getting shot from." In actual real close quarter environment threats can come from any direction behind multiple structures. I am excited to see what else the city develops.

With close to 80 participants in the city there was a multitude of action. Camo had a difficult time holding the insurgent's back . The new hiding places and structures to shoot from gave the Camo team a much more difficult time finding targets. Inside the killhouse loads of pistol shooters duked it out in some of the most gutsy shootings I have ever recorded. Shots rang out from all over ricochet's rang out from above.

Operators were brave all around each getting close and closer to enemy lines. At one point Insurgents had Camo pushed up so far into their own spawn that I had to call the game. Camo did give it a good fight though and did not make it that easy for Insurgents. Snipers held the 2nd story perch for the longest. Armed with Marushin APS2 camo snipers took to the city to do damage. Insurgent forces took close quarter combat to the streets of the city getting real personal; armed with a Glock one insurgent made their way to Camo's immediate hideout.

Yet again another player had his tooth chipped which later fell out. Which leads me to further emphasize the importance of face/mouth protection with the use of a mouthguard and/or facemask. This makes the cities missing tooth count to #13.

Cant wait to see the city during night operations.

It was another solid day at the city fantastic gameplay from all that came out. Camo had it tough this week while Insurgents made the day with great teamwork (cant win them all camo).


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Jerry. I am new to airsoft and really like your facemask / gas mask. Where can I get one? Thanks!

MSJ said...

Please refer to the new blog post

Anonymous said...

Where is this place at?

MSJ said...

CQB City is located in Stockton, Ca

For directions and game day information please visit

Check out the other vids on the YouTube:

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