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March 01, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 28, 2010

What a day! At first I believed that the day would equal a smaller turnout than we have been having than usual but that all changed as the morning progressed. The city is seeing newer faces more frequently and I had the extreme privilege of meeting some of you; my readers and viewers. I appreciate all the support you have shown and will continue to deliver the very best when it comes to CQB City and my overall musings around airsoft.

If you have ever played along side of the Milsim Junkie you would have already noticed im sporting camo. For the longest time I have opted out of wearing cammies. I decided to bite the bullet and start making my loadouts a lot less PMC (Private Military Company; Mercenary) ish. Yes, I finally got a set of MC and was ready to rock.

My Multicam Loadout Info:
(All multicam using genuine Crye multicam pattern)

I saw some great pistol shooting from all operators young and old. The days players engage in some solid close quarter skirmishes and had very little trouble with calling. Issues were talked out and ended their disputes respectfully. These guys were a great bunch to play along side of and watch.

As you will see in the days video there were hundreds of BB's flying across the screen most of them directed at me; argh! If it was your first time ato the field thanks for coming out hope you had a blast. If it was your first time playing airsoft hope to see you again.

Someone asked me "Who usually wins, camo?" my reply "Its not on the the pattern or color of their uniform its teamwork with the person next to you, learn that and its a game won"

Fight Hard, Play Hard!


Woody said...

Where we at Martell, where we at!!!

MSJ said...

Woody! Always a pleasure seeing you at the field. See you soon bud.

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