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March 09, 2010

Zombie Ammo branded Zombie Targets. For the Zombie Hunter in all of us!

Picture from: LE Targets
Be ready for the next outbreak and practice your shooting skills with these fun and unique targets. Made by Zombie Ammo and available for purchase through LE Targets these targets bring out the Zombie Hunter in each of us.

Sizes: 23" x 35"

Targets Available:
The best part about CQB City night ops IMO are Zombie games. In complete darkness mixed in with confusion of who is infected, panic quickly settles in. Shooting with these targets I would imagine would be great way to practice.

Each target has shaded scoring lines in the head & brain. From a average shooting distances these lines are not visible.

I am actually thinking about picking up a large quantity of these to set around the field or sell them to anyone that wants them. If your a fan Call of Duty World at War (Nazi Zombies), Left For Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Rising or Counter Strike's Zombie mod this will be a great addition to any collection. Im a big fan of zombie and I love them!


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