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March 29, 2010

CQB City Airsoft March 28, 2010 Shotgun Madness

What a beautiful day for airsoft. With spring just around the corner and the pollen in the air made people come out to enjoy a day of shooting. Solid work by both teams as camo remains to struggle to win a full game day. Fierce force on force action was everywhere and I was spared no mercy as BB's flew around me. Thunder B grenades made a uprise today as many players sought to use their C02 fueled frags. I commend those that use them as Thunder B grenades are becoming harder and harder to locate (in-stock).

CQB City is an indoor close quarter facility were fighting is close and the action hurts. It is a field, although we often suggest ways to prevent it, that has gotten teeth knocked out and more than its share of bloodied welts. March 28th's op was no different and I was very surprised by the integrity of some of the younger players.
One of the youngest to play that day got hit more than his fair share to the point were we had to stop/pause the game. He manned up walked it off and soon was back on the field shooting. That is one dedicated airsoft player I commend him to taking those hits despite his size and moving on. Afterall its a close quarter environment dont expect not to get shot -- it also proves why we require minors to wear face masks.

Both forces had SAW (M249) gunners which were allowed to fire controlled burst shots on the field. Despite this insurgent forces managed to move onto camo positions. BB's flew in from all directions; castle hideouts, bobby's pistol palace, and killhouse windows.  The fight went on for camo as many of them dipped and dodged their way on to the field. During the last match camo managed to pull it together and win a match. Good job by both forces and look forward to another day at the city.


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