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April 14, 2010

Magnum Boots US Headquarters Visit

It is very rare that you will find a company so devoted to bringing amongst the best for its overall end consumer. On April 9, 2010 I was given the chance to visit a company devoted to bringing the lightest boot around, at the Magnum Boots/Hi-Tec US headquarters. 
I was very surprised to find that it was not just a warehouse full of boots and shoes. Upon my arrival I entered in through the wrong side I was amazed to find a store that sold all things Hi-Tec and Magnum including apparel. I had to walk across to another building just aside building 1.

No stop to any big headquarters would be complete without having to check in and given "visitor" passes. At that point I was excited. I was greeted by their Director of Marketing, Brett, and their Social Media Specialist Alexis who were ready to show us around their grounds. I was given a brief Mangum/Hi-Tec history lesson that dates back to 1972. Magnum as a long standing history of bringing about a great lightweight footwear to the overall end consumer. Think of the Magnum Boots end as the more professional/LE/Mil while Hi-Tec is more of a recreational/rugged/casual wear. Both ends of footwear deliver a shoe or boot that is one of the lightest any individual will every wear.

Decorated on hallways were photo's of past footwear, photo's of actual customers using their shoes, and even decorative art pieces made with Hi-Tec shoes. Everything for Magnum USA begins at this facility. Every Magnum boot that you buy from a store, every advertisement, or even promotional photo seen starts at this facility.  I was able to take a glimpse at older footwear designs,  present advertisements, point of sales displays, and was also given promotional literature not even available to sales rep.

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In the warehouse were products get picked and shipped I found a small squad of people responsible for a whole army's work. They are able to sort through all the boxes to find the right shoe to ship right to the customer. Their unique shipping system included numbers and bar codes that correspond with their location in the shipping warehouse which is able to be interpreted by the packaging department were shoes were boxed up in even larger boxes and send down to a shoot to be put into a truck.

Everyone that I encountered from the start of the tour to the very end played an integral and important role at the company. Each individual wore the multiple hats and is very dedicated to the ongoing success of the company. I found this very unique as that you only usually find people working different jobs in much smaller companies. On this large of a scale its nice to know that everyone pulls their own weight around to bring about the #1 tactical  lightweight boot. It literally was like one small community were everyone knew and greeted each other. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting many of the workers who were all kind enough to talk and explain their role in the company.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at Magnum Boots US headquarters especially to Brett and Alexis for inviting us into your work place. I would love to come back to see the upcoming developments.


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