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April 24, 2010

MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway #2

Details: I have been given the opportunity to giveaway a pair of boots that I reviewed in a previous post. The guys at Magnum Boots US headquarters are excited to share their footwear. The reason's why I do these giveaways is to show my appreciation to YOU, my readers, and my viewers for your continued support. I have been presented a awesome opportunity to entertain you with my musings centered around airsoft and you all continue to come back. Thank you!

Prize: Brand new pair of Magnum Boots Elite Force 8.0 WPI in your size sent direct from Magnum Boots USA.

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May 14, 2010

To Enter:
  1. Subscribe - If you already a subscriber let your friends know about the channel 
  2. Thumbs Ups - Lets me know that you guys like my videos (i.e., hit the GREEN thumb)
  3. Comment (via YouTube) - Leave a thoughtful answer to the following: What do you want to see in an tactical boot/shoe? Whether its for airsoft, professional, or recreational purposes let me know in the comments.
Only open to residents of US and Canada at this time. SPAM or comments that are not relevant to the information at hand will not be counted. You are all more than welcomed to reply and comment with each other. However, at this time only one entry per user will be allowed. This is to ensure no false entries that may hinder entrants a chance at winning. Individuals are more than welcomes to reply to other comments but take note that one entry per person will apply.

Goodluck to everyone!


lup said...

agh... US and Ca only...

Anonymous said...

I did all the steps to enter.. however, when I tried to "post" it kept saying "error try again" :S

So, here is what I wrote:
"What do you want to see in an tactical boot/shoe?"

I hope for stability, comfort, & impressive support. (& a good look doesn't hurt, either.) :)

For my personal situation, I'm going to school for EMT, this fall. I plan to level up to Paramedic, & in the distant future, I'd like to become an EMT trainer/teacher.

Anyway, as for boot use, I'd be using them right away, while on ambulance ride-alongs, while as a student. & depending how long they last, as an official EMT. :D
Thank you for this opportunity to enter for some needed boots. :D
('ShorthandClassic' is my youtube ID)

Anonymous said...

never mind, I figured it out. :P (message was too long. lol.) Its up there now. :D


Anonymous said...

The directions says 500 words but i beleive You Tube only allows 500 characters.

MSJ said...

That is correct. A mistake on my part, however, you are more than welcome to submit multiple comments (to equal 500 words) to count as one entry.

1c3mak3r said...

youtube has error also while trying to post my suggestions so here it is.

3 essential 1st is the Arch type ( insert inside your boot ) people with flat feet have very different footwear needs than those with higher arches. 2nd is the Pressure Points having pressure points on our feet id not fun! I suggest magnum to include a moziac insole to relief pressure points. 3rd of course light and comfort, our foot changes throughtout your life and an im proper fit can cause painful foot condition, magnum already has multiple widths and offers a unique features that help provide comfort and durability.

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