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June 08, 2010


My ears are still ringing from all the simulated artillery reports that went off this day. With over 100+ players involved it was going to be a fight just to coordinate strategic moves. Lots of fantastic communication going on over the radio. In the video you will hear a bunch of radio chatter as players communicate to complete objectives and as they navigate their way through the city. BB's were again flying in my immediate direction this time it seemed more of them were intentional =) I caught one player using me as a shield as I followed his teammates around.

It are days like this when I see people that really enjoy the sport and have blast at CQB CITY or they rekindle the passion they have for airsoft. I wanna take this brief sentence to again thank you all for your continued support of the Milsim Junkie website and the YouTube channel.

Most notable weapon of the day: Airsoft-Innovations Tornado IMPACT grenade
Price: $99.95
Like their famous tornado grenade the IMPACT grenade does just that. Upond pulling the pin and hitting a large surface the grenade explodes and spins in true Tornado fashion. One operater had several of these grenade on them and used them to the fullest degree. It was fun seeing the new line up of airsoft products hit the close quarter fields. The impact grenades worked flawlessly!

Solid movement by players this day. I strayed away from the interiors corridors of the city for this game because I wanted to show how large CQB CITY really is. Some people forget that even though our primary objective is close quarters the city is large enough to accomodate for distance shooting its after all a modeled city. Both teams had it tough. Insurgent forces gave camo team a hard time completing objectives. Camo took a bit for it to find its groove as they led the day with a loss in a game of Domination. Week after week I am continually impressed with the amount sportsmanship players have on and off the field. Another day at the city!

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard!

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Stephen said...

Haha, the buggy cam was awesome. Good stuff. Yet again.

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