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June 15, 2010

CQB City Airsoft June 13, 2010 (Thunder B Grenades)

Mother nature decided to turn up the heat and it brought in over 110+ operators from all over. The city rained of BB's as operators duked it out on the streets. The sound of Thunder B's as well as the defining booms of CQB CITY's simulated reports made the day a lot more intense. Teams from all over Northern California made this the place to be; Doom Crew, TF 75, and M4H just to name a few.

As you will see in the video after the jump fighting was tough for both sides. It's never an easy day for either side with great teamwork, communication, and strategy players can prevail and complete objectives.

Most Notable Weapon: Thunder B Grenades
The C02 powered device could be heard detonating all over the city. Its unique design and overall sound never fails to shake anybody in the room. A few of them could be heard and seen in the video below.

I've seen players come from all over the Northern and Central California to come play at CQB CITY. I am always grateful to those who dont mind making the treck out to play the game. Thank you to everyone and anyone who comes and joins us at the field. I want to especially thank one individual (see picture above) who came all the way from Arlington, Texas to join us on the field. You dont know how many times we get e-mails from people who mention they will be coming out to play but eventually never come around. We received a message from this individual and before you knew it was on his way to the city. Thanks! It's people like you and all those that travel a fair distance that make CQB CITY a fantastic place to play airsoft.

Most scenario's ended in a stalemate were either side were unable to complete objectives. Camo gave the Insurgent forces a tough fight while Insurgents toughed it out. At the end of the day Insurgent team prevailed winning 2-1. Smiles all around from all over.

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard!

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Jordan Nash(arlington texas) said...

man this is so awesome words dont describe cant wait till xmas break to come back

Anonymous said...

Tim (Flanker): Hey Arwin, Jordan told me he watched all your videos before coming out to play at the City. I've watched them all too but he's from Texas!

TF75 said...

NICE VIDEO! Crazy Day. Thanks Milsim

Anybody interested in trying out for a Airsoft team, TF75 were looking for 2 more members!

Anonymous said...

hi im an airsofter in the Philippines your game area is awesome hope i can play there someday!!

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