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March 11, 2009

Art of the Tactical Carbine - Magpul Dynamics

Title: The Art of the Tactical Carbine

Price: $39.95

Disk 1: Magpul Basic Carbine Course
Disk 2: Magpul Advanced Carbine Course
Disk 3: Reference

Finally, I had a chance to get through the whole set. All I can say really is WOW. Coming from an airsoft perspective (no formal real steel training) I can see this as one big reference. It really is something that I will look back on over and over again. The instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley do a wonderful job at breaking down the essentials and basics and re-build them to fit the shooter. This DVD collection should be used as a way of establishing some ground rules and basics for the operator to build upon.

As an airsofter I find it very helpful in pointing out drills and basic rifle management. One section that got me rewinding over and over again was on the types of reloads. Why is this important? Basically better manage your magazines the faster and less steps you take off whoever your engaging. Both Chris and Travis go over equipment placement and how a better set-ups can shave seconds (and essentially save lives) on the field. For an airsoft player most of the time we put pouches on our molle webbing without ever thinking about the practically. Efficiency not fluidity is what they stress. They want to make sure that the operator stays in control of the moment and wants to ensure that the shooter has to do the least amount of work to put a mag in. Ive seen some players place them on the back of their plate carriers (wtf?) and to be honest I think on my next (airsoft) gear purchase I will put defenietly consider its placement.

Heres a video that you WONT find on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter. Its a special section on "Drawing the Secondary" on the 3rd disk. All of the rights go to Magpul Dynamic and I am solely putting it on the page for education and reference for the dvd.


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