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March 20, 2009

Night Ops checklist

Ill be participating in a night OP @ the city. As an avid hobbyist airsoft player I think its a good rule of thumb to have a pre-game ritual. This is the time where you check double check your equipment before the day of. Why? Makes sure you dont travel to a game and have something fail on you and your left watching people play or asking for a hand out.

This is my usual base checklist everyting else builds upon this:
  • Check Tac Light [batteries/brightness]
  • Check Laser [batteries/pressure switch/alignment 50ft]
  • Check Main [proper feed/hop-up/lubed]
  • Check Secondary [recoil/mag leaks/proper feed/hop-up 15ft]
  • Check Vest [fit/pouches]
Its always a good rule of thumb also to bring enough things with you just in case you need a quick fix. I usually bring my multi-tool [Leatherman Juice S2], duct tape, electrical tape, & folding allen key [Spin Doctor; for bicycles]. I have used all of them on occasion to help out a fellow player, fix broken or falling pieces, or have used a combination of them for improvised tools. I keep things relatively small, why? I dont wanna carry my whole Airsoft outlet with me. Usually after a game I feel worn out and the last thing I wanna do is bring all the stuff in.

Today I did a little maintenance on my G17

Its a HFC Glock 17 or now commonly referred to as the HFC DarkHawk. But up until today I had a KJW barrel in it. I reverted back to the original HFC barrel and spring and did some Teflon modding. Taking from the Teflon mod's they do on clone spring sniper riffles I wrapped the barrel and hop-up bucking in Teflon tape. Wow. I was rather impressed with the distance and float of the BB. At 20 yrds out it floats nice flat float and a slight curve at the end. Thats how I like it. Each shooter has a preference.

Tomorrow morning I will zero in my weapon to a little closer than usual is that at night games people want to remain planted in their spots. However, when I play I try to zero in on their position thus having closer targets. Hopefully this will work out.


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