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March 16, 2009

Softshell! Softshell! Softshell!

If you know me lately I have been wearing a non-tactical softshell around. Having doubts of spending the money on a tactical softshell? I do recommend that you invest in some regular softshells in particular one made by Snozu. 

Found it at a local discount clotching store (Marshalls) for $29.99 Ive been wearing it ever since even on relatively warmer days. It lacks pockets, pockets, pockets, & pockets but I can make by. However, if you are looking into a TACTICAL line without busting the wallet or going for a clone (Ebaybanned) I strongly would invest in a Triple Aught Design (TAD) Gear softshell. 

Anyone of their signature softshells should suffice for you. I have personally seen these in person and have a couple of friends with them. They have nothing but great things to say of them. One of my friends uses it religiously even at work getting dirty and regular use. It still maintains its shape and the stiching has really stood the abuse. Heres a short review from Modesto Airsoft BATStrider (Bay Area Tactical TV):


Mark said...

Hey man! I'm Strider :]

I saw you today at the City, haha. I was just browsing through the blog and saw my video up; pleasant surprise!

Hope to see you again next time man

MSJ said...


Figured it was you I noticed all the TAD gear you and friends were wearing. Nice gameplay. Working on the vid as we speak looks like BAT will be the star of the show =)

Hope you had fun at the city. Check out the YouTube and Follow the Twitter.

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