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March 04, 2009

CQB City - Stockton, Ca

Received an email from Chief (Joey) the host and owner of CQB City in Stockton, Ca. Apparently @ the end of March 2009 they will begin team competitions. They will be semi-private as they will follow a normal public game. Essentially it will be 2 teams of no more less than 4 and no more than 8 against each other in the city. They will be scenario based so no capture the flag (CTF) or domination type games. Implementing designated rolls such as medic and sniper will add to the milsim realism of the competition. Each teamate is limited to 1000 rounds or 10 midcaps per game. So they must choose their shots wisely. The teams will need follow some essential prerequisites to participate in these competitions. They are as follows:

  • Coordinate CAMO for all team members (must bring alternate set)
  • Coomuncations for every team members ( walkies, headsets, etc)
  • Each memeber must have an AEG and sidearm w/ multiple midcaps
If your are interested please e-mail chief by visiting the CQB City website. Each of the winning team members will be granted 12 free games to the city. The cost of normal play at the city is $35 so thats a savings of $420.

For more information on the field visit the website or search YouTube for videos.

Below is a video of the refs (Matt, Joey, and Chief) @ the city. If your interested in videos from the city on a regular basis visit the YouTube channel of one of its refs: Gravexero


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