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March 22, 2009

Night Ops @ CQB City [3/21/2009]

"If you show up on time, your late, if you show up 15 minutes early your on time, and if you show up 30 minutes before your early" -anonymous

As usual I show up to CQB City early 2:30pm and decide to take a little video tour of the city. On my way back to the staging area I find Chief and staff walking to the other end. "We are moving buildings" Chief exclaims. So I join in and before you know it we are doing a quick once over before the night begins.

By far the best night op I have been to at any local field. Why? There were only about 30 players on the field and for a CQB field less than 50 is a great size.

The night was filled with tracer rounds, close engagements and some solid teamwork. It was a blast in the kill house rockin' and surprising opposing forces as they tried to infiltrate our positions. By the end of the night we had them so backed up into their own spawn area (headquarters) we were picking them off left and right. 

During my time in the kill house I found I was only 1 of 2 individuals in the whole house. Considering that the opposing side has an entrance closer to their position it was an intense 10 minutes. Me and a teammate, armed with a nice SL8, were picking off the other side as they advanced towards at twelve and three o'clock positions. It was only a matter of time until they got smart and started to come into the house but I had that covered.

Showing up late as usual (because they live in Hayward) was Donny and his son Dominic. I always enjoy teaming up with them because they play smart and fast. During one scenario we came up to a cluster of opposing forces so fast they didn't see us coming, mowed at least half of them down before getting hit out.

Before the night was over I ended up buying an HFC M190 full metal full auto M9 with rail and three mags. I think I got my M9 bug back and that is why my TM Tac Master is no longer for sale.


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