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March 04, 2009

US Airsoft - Halmstad, Sweden

One of the channels on YouTube I have been following is that of BadASszZ. With a great POV style we see first hand how indoor CQB airsoft is played. The UnrealCity field (commonly referred to as US Airsoft) is located in Halmstad, Sweden. The 2500 sq/m field has 10 buildings two of them with a 2nd floor. 

BadAsszZ, I dont know what your real name is but I have to say is that I am enjoying your game footage. Looking forward to more. Check out the video by visiting his YouTube channel.

Check out how quick and silent these guys play:

Weapon: TM MK23

Heres some promotional video for US Airsoft


jack said...

var ligger dehär banorna o vad är det för villkor för att få spela ?
mvh jack

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