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April 12, 2011


With CQB City now open to 9 times a month (every saturday and sunday) the crowds that came in were a nice size for some awesome combat footage. A lot of the fighting was finding itself on the outsides of the city. It was nice to see players using the barriers, cars, and pallets as cover. Great communication by the insurgent forces during the first half of the day. The other half went to the camo side who fought valorously against the insurgents.

Today's BA of the day went to Tye D. who didn't let his disability hinder him from enjoying the sport he loves. While Tye isn't the first, the only, nor the last player with a disability to grace their present onto the CQB City field however it was his "gun-ho" attitude that landed him as a total badass.

Look forward to more awesome videos this month!

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Anonymous said...

Um use your middle finger on your girlfriend not your trigger please.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be a 12 year vet in the US Army, I must say the middle finger on the trigger belongs in your butthole. This airsoft shit is a total disgrace.
You guys should get the butt-plug tab.

Rangers lead the way! Hooah!

Anonymous said...

The reason the military teaches that is because making sure your index finger is the one pulling the trigger leaves the other three gripping fingers of your hand holding the weapon's grip. Helping you resist recoil and making your shots more accurate. In airsoft and paintball, there is no recoil. Thus while not correct from a soldier's intrained sensibilities, firing with the middle finger really does not matter or make any impact on accuracy or control. Note, I don't shoot with my middle finger, but given the circumstances, I think the gripe is trivial.

Anonymous said...

i like turtles

Anonymous said...

the dude in 3:00 min dint say hit !! ZOMBIE !!

Anonymous said...

Airsoft guys who use their middle finger should wear neon gay uniform.

I watched The Today Show and I think the owner of the venue where they filmed it said that they train law enforcement agent. Why didn't he mention that they train guys with their middle finger at CQB City?

I seriously think that the US Army didn't train me well enough.

You guys keep doing your thing. This site should be renamed, call it MiddleFinger Junkie.

Anonymous said...

You "army vet" assholes, shut the fuck up and realize that not everyone uses their middle finger. I want to beat whoever uses their middle finger to fire with my gun, but apparently that's not legal. (It's also the freakin minorities that do that on top of shooting sideways...)

Anonymous said...

army vet ur not impressing any one. its airsoft. the reason some people use there middle finger is its quicker than youre pointer finger when your gun is on semi auto. Like i said its airsoft. its a fun sport. i think if u have to get on a website to talk shit i think its pretty funny. thennn u throw the ranger in there and talk about disgrace look in the mirror ass

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