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September 08, 2011

CQB City Airsoft Action September 3, 2011 (Zombie Survival)

MSJ w/ Winner of Desert Locust Goggles by Revision
Another Zombie survival game. This time the game took a nice turn of events. During the hosted private event the storyline went into a new avenue for myself. As you will watch the video some new tactics and thinking had to be considered for the new elements to the game. While the objective was easy to accomplished we soon found out that it was difficult to maintain.

Details on the new gametype and video after the jump...

Zombie Survival

Scenario: Infected scientists has accidentally left their notes with the vacine somewhere in the city. It is up to the survivors to track down the notes and successfully escape from the city. The zombie virus has spread and mutated. It has created a new "nightwalker" hybrid being capable of thinking. Much like a vampire in the night nightwalker's have free roam around the city and are able to use a weapon. The new hybrid creature can be killed by of course a stake through the heart

To start there are only 3 zombies and one nightwalker. Light are on for only 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes have elapsed lights go out and nightwalker begin its terror

Zombie - Melee weapons only cant respond to human interaction. Once shot they either run away or stand in place for 10 seconds

Nightwalker - Can only shoot one magazine out of one sidearm. Once hit by a BB from a nightwalker the hit party becomes an INFECTED zombie. If a nightwalker managed to bite a survivor that individual becomes a Nightwalker. The only way that a nightwalker can be killed is by a stake (or knife) through the heart

As you will see in the video below it was fun and scary at times. I look forward to playing this new style of zombie survival in the near future.

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Troy (team ACB) said...

hey arwin.. are you gonna post up the videos u took from cqb city on the 25th?

Anonymous said...

where is the cqb city? cause i wanna come play some airsoft!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cqb city is in stockton, california

Anonymous said...

these zombie games are "private matches" hosted by b.s.s. only the people who are invited can play.

Anonymous said...

duh, everyone knows that..oh wait...only a few people know. hahahaha! roflmfao

Anonymous said...

where are you guys located?

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