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August 19, 2010

CQB City Airsoft August 15, 2010

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Couratier 

Record numbers as over 150 people came out to play at CQB City. The crowds swarmed the field as BB's flew from all around. It was exciting to see that many people enjoying this sport during the last days of summer.  If numbers hold up Chief is considering extending our hours of operation to include another day. What that means for all of you? Another day to play, and more videos! 

Where have you been? The word on the rumor mill is that the Junkie is in rehab and took a break from airsoft. Truth is, I was away for a couple weeks do to scheduling conflicts. My trigger finger is itchy as all heck but video comes first! NEW video's are coming out STAY FROSTY =)

Most Notable Weapon of the Day was a classic airsoft DK MP5 using a Escort complete with air canister. Wish I had got it on film but lately I have been seeing classic airsoft weapons make a small resurgence on the field and glad to see people still using them. 

Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard!

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Unknown said...

Hey MilSimJunkie,

I was at this game (AUG 15th) and it was great! Awesome video! I'm in it at 1:30 (with the AK) and I got shot. Thanks for recording!

I wanted to know from Stephen Couratier how I can request for pictures of me during that game?
I know you only recorded video, but I do not know how to get a hold of Stepehen Couratier.
Thank you!


Unknown said...

Glad to see the classics are getting some attention. While that wasn't my mp5, I'm good grinds with the owner and we will both be back this weekend with sevral of these classic guns that run on external air. If you'd like to do somethig on them, like a quick talk/film durring lunch just let us know! People seem to ask us questions ALL the time on the field.

Anyway, I love the videos. I was at this game to. Interesting day haha

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