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July 27, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 25, 2010 (Go Prone)

As always close firefights flooded the city. Both camo and insurgent forces went all out as we tried out new scenarios. Combined with our simulated reports, Thunder-B grenades, and new props the task was set out to create a refreshing environment for players. Operators were put in the driver seat of complex scenarios which combined intel gather, objective completion, and role playing made the fighting even more intense. Needless to say players enjoyed being out of the heat and duking it out in the city.
This coming after CQB City was featured on a segment on The Today Show which included Tri-Core International and host Lester Holt going through Covert Ops camp.

Most notable weapon of the day was a Classic Army "Weed" G36. The operator did a rather interesting custom paint job using some green camo plastic spray paint. A close runner up was a STG 44 which I only caught briefly on the video below.

Remember to Fight Hard, Play Hard!

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David said...

Visit this website (It is for video games, but you can learn a lot from these guys).

Anonymous said...

what is that stock on that g36, and is it a g36c?

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