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July 06, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 3, 2010

Ohh C-Q-B City by the dawns early light...My hopes is that everyone enjoyed celebrating the birth (July 4) of our great nation the United States of America. In the spirit of celebration this day in particular had a little bit more BOOM than usual =) I dont think any of the players minded the smell of spent reports and the ringing in their ears. The day drew in a fair amount of players coming from all over the country. Lately, many of the viewers/readers have been contacting me from far away land many of which have made a trip to CQB City. This day I had the pleasure of meeting another viewer/reader and fellow YouTube'er all the way from Virginia. To check out how they do things out in Virginia by visiting his YouTube Channel @ TheJSVids

I thought the day would be a repeat of previous weeks with a large stalemate among camo and insurgent forces. While scenarios lasted longer than usual (some 2hrs) long the fight was tough for both sides. Loadouts and gear was light. It seems as the heat rises the amount of packs and weight lightens up. Being a fan of High Speed Low Drag many operators of the day opted to keep their gear at the most essential. The fighting quickly made its way into the interior of the kill house as insurgents forces fought to maintain their positions while camo surrounded the building.

Some of you asked who was the photographer on the field. It is non other than CQB City regular Stephen Couratier. This day he brought out his new toy a Canon 5D MKII! Needless to say that I was nothing less than jealous or envious for that matter. He does have Picasa dump of the pictures he took that day as well as a fantastic HD video on his Vimeo page. Do me a favor and visit the link below let him know that Milsim Junkie sent you!

Name: Stephen Couratier
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Twas a good day!

Announcement: Over the weekend the YouTube channel reached 1,000 subscribers. I wanna take this brief time to thank each an every one of you. Everyone from those that come out to CQB City, those that read the blog, and to those that watch the videos. Love them or hate them, thanks. Its good to know people watch and people appreciate the work I do. On a weekly basis I get shot at, yelled at, Ive gotten numerous nut shots, simulated reports going off right by me, and who nows how many times Ive been muzzle swept. You all make it worth while. Lets keep this site and the YouTube channel on a continuous path of growth!

Announcement #2: I figured I would help out a local team and inform you all that team TF75, who continually spearhead objective completions, is looking for 2 more members to join their Task Force. Shoot them a message and let them know the Milsim Junkie sent you

The most notable weapon of the day was actually not a weapon at all. It was a blank firing gun that someone had given Chief as a gift. The video below explains that the firearm cannot fire live rounds, only able to fire blanks, the barrel is capped and was intended for training purposes. Chief was using it to simply cause a bit more choas during regular gameplay.

Junkie Extra:
Note: The information presented in this video is intended for educational and reference only.

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Stephen said...

Hey man, grats on the 1000 subs. That's really impressive.

Anonymous said...

Arwin my frien'

You did it again!

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